30-Year-Old Virgins by Choice

Inside the lives of sex holdouts as the number of virgins in America grows.
3:00 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for 30-Year-Old Virgins by Choice
Let's talk about sex never has our culture -- so sex saturated so explicitly carnal. In the age of the Internet extreme individual liberty sex really is everywhere so much so that adults. Who do not have sex who remain virgins into their thirties and beyond. In -- -- exceptional they -- in a way. Revolutionary. And in fact their numbers are growing so tonight we meet these sex dissenters you might call and here's ABC's Stephanie -- For our series modern sex in America. We need to -- It may go down as one of the most Greenberg this -- in television history to urgent meeting first base on their wedding day. On Ellen DeGeneres show. -- -- Today I had my first -- not north awaited. Brian in Japan are part of -- c.'s new show -- virgin diaries chronicling the lives of virgins in their thirties and. I have never seen him he's -- more. And 35 years old there's. -- stone virgins. -- -- -- -- -- -- Especially -- the -- snack mix. But government statistics show virginity is on the rise the number of -- between the ages of fifteen to 24 has increased in recent years. 27% of men and 29%. Of women consider themselves emergence. Yeah and -- -- do -- three attractive roommates living together near Vancouver who all around thirty years old all Christians. Lisa's only has one boy. It's not just I'm not have sexual intercourse and actually -- an -- on the person and an honor me Deng Yao was once engaged. It's challenging because of the stigma that's associated with being -- and especially of Virginia's. -- then whatever age people think people shouldn't be having sex isn't. And is part of a subset of so called Rico claim virgins who was -- sexually active. I remember I would it. -- lying there afterwards and half the time I would end up crying and it was always this feeling of like there's something missing then doesn't mean they're not ready to find love. The women are so ready for marriage and sex. -- diagram they're dating life. So -- have -- in first place which is shocking. And thanks for five a girl. -- advertising something when she's a virgin she's advertising that she can control his sexual urges. That she's looking for certain kind of individual that she's got certain values that she's got certain goals then what are the downsides to -- They haven't learned anything about facts they haven't learned a great deal about themselves. They don't know how to handle somebody not only in bed but in the question process. But -- is under no illusions about what the first time might be like. I don't think -- has -- and I fantasy or fairy tale of. It's just going to be -- yeah. First I didn't -- that -- you know all -- I don't think that's how it goes I think he's experienced and if he's not all together yeah. For women. Admitting your -- virgin carries -- of the stigma. There aren't many famous men who advertise your virginity saved -- Tim Tebow who's been called the only virgin in the NFL. And Steve -- parents -- in the forty year old virgin was no Gentiva. I've worked a lot women in my day you work. -- -- -- Yeah like -- that was hand at least -- Just imagine the rating 35 year old -- -- from his buddies. The mortgage analyst has got his own place a tax and cool glasses. Yet he's only ever imagined his first time. He's imagined. An anti. For the first there would have had music playing and I would probably -- the lights on the music is to cover up. The funny noises and the lights off -- to cover up for me facial expression. How romantic. Being a guy whose aversion at his -- is well let's just say not even as mom could believe it well. We can mean just could. You didn't know that it. A holiday -- that he -- and it didn't talk about that period. I think you've seen it happen. But is it really that -- is nearing age at which it really becomes it's not of had sex single -- not think that most. Americans to think and it is strange if you make it into your midday -- late twenty's and you've ever had sex people wonder. What's wrong when you sex is natural it's an enormously. Powerful drive. And a fundamental part of -- human -- procreation. What's remarkable about all the subjects of virgin diaries is how they all clearly have a normal sex drives are doing just fine without it. Their brains have over -- their bodies. Theory makes fun to address his desires and you know what he's saying about -- and chocolate -- and remain. And the three roommates -- their lives are not lacking in much you know I loved to to get out in nature and in height advantage in being active. I don't think the U explode if you don't have sex that's. So does happen if you've never had -- You may not be as skilled or experienced a lover on this special day but he may also had saved yourself a world of heartache. Then and there's this possibility at the end of the long wait and undoubtedly on devouring its. But a lifetime commitment to work on the finer details. For Nightline I'm Stephanie -- in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Inside the lives of sex holdouts as the number of virgins in America grows.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15077791","title":"30-Year-Old Virgins by Choice","url":"/Nightline/video/30-year-virgins-choice-15077791"}