Aaron Hernandez: Caught on Tape?

A surveillance system at the New England Patriot's home was allegedly destroyed.
4:52 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aaron Hernandez: Caught on Tape?
From OJ Simpson to Jayson Williams to Ray Lewis the story of high profile athletes under investigation for murder. It's hardly novel and this week another big sports name is appearing in headlines for reasons other. Than his -- chops tonight police are piecing together clues around and XUQ should style killing. -- fans wait to see if and how patriots star Aaron Hernandez might be involved. With the latest details here's my new Nightline co anchor. Dan Abrams. A star NFL player driving a white car helicopters in pursuit. A possible link to a vicious murder it was reminiscent of another foot. Ball great OJ Simpson is in -- bronco and we understand that he hasn't done to his head right now. But the person getting out of this car. Was not OJ Simpson breaking news in the murder case linked to an NFL player -- Aaron Hernandez the 23 year old tight end for the New England Patriots shown here. The man -- golden hands who seemed to have everything. Is now facing questions about the murder of his friend fellow football player Oden Lloyd. Aaron Hernandez has also questioned by investigators all in connection with the apparent murder of the -- sources say was his quote. Associated. Lloyd 27 who played for the semi pro Boston bandits. Was found dead in an industrial area less than a mile from Hernandez house in Attleboro Massachusetts. Killed execution style. The timeline in circumstances as police worked on the case raised questions. It began as a night like so many others in his sometimes fast lane -- like this one in LA -- -- left the civil pipeline south six. -- -- ABC news has learned that a week ago Hernandez -- Lloyd went to this Boston nightclub called rumor. So what happened in Boston did something go wrong. Just two days later Hernandez Lloyd in two others were seen leaving the house according to law enforcement sources. And hours later Oden long -- was dead his body discovered here on Monday. Walking distance from Hernandez million dollar home and near the scene of the crime. -- 2013. Chevrolet Suburban reported to have been rented to earn her an endless but there's more. When police asked to see footage from Hernandez high tech mansion security system. They learned the security system had been destroyed. And sources say when police asked for Hernandez cell phone. It was handed over by his lawyers in several pieces police also want to know why on Monday before the body was found. A team of house cleaners came in to clean the mansion the apparent attempt to destroy evidence I believe is very telling. Hernandez has not been named a suspect in the case and no warrant has been issued for his arrest but the revelations have already created ripples. He's endorsement deal with muscle milk seems to have gone sour. A fourth round NFL draft pick in 2010 from the University of Florida. Hernandez over deliver and quickly became a -- -- player. Then in 2012. New England Patriots sweetened his contract. With a twelve point five million dollar signing bonus the largest ever given to an NFL tight end. But even before he was drafted questions were asked about his life -- -- -- -- football. Pro scouts cheer to scouting report -- boston.com. Self esteem is quite low not well adjusted emotionally. Not happy moods unpredictable not stable doesn't take much to set a mall but not especially jumpy -- Mr. Hernandez appears to regularly placed himself in situations where there firearms. After -- clubs. -- aggressive behavior. And no good will ever come the combination of those three. Last week Hernandez was even sued for allegedly shooting a friend causing him to lose -- not. The question is what happened here but the mother -- and Lloyd all that matters right now he's that he is gone. I think one of which. They have -- a guy. Who gets things done anything to hurt anyone. And -- coach seemed to know nothing about any connection to Hernandez. -- -- don't know any of the association with them that's -- -- Just so happy go lucky to have a guy. So far authorities are keeping mum about the investigation. Rumors that Hernandez might be arrested are for the moment. Just rumors Fernandez has said nothing about the case so far. And appears to be echoing these words from 2012. And I'm Dan Abrams for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":19462330,"title":"Aaron Hernandez: Caught on Tape?","duration":"4:52","description":"A surveillance system at the New England Patriot's home was allegedly destroyed.","url":"/Nightline/video/aaron-hernandez-caught-tape-19462330","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}