Abs, Bringing Sexy Back

Former 'Real Housewife' Kelly Bensimon shows what it takes to get those v-cut abs.
3:00 | 09/28/12

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Transcript for Abs, Bringing Sexy Back
Bathing suit season is over the holidays are on the horizon does what he thought it was safe dislodge a little bit. There's a new trend in impossibly -- stomachs when six -- -- just aren't enough the fittest of the fit are now pursuing something called be cut. ABC's Paula -- hit the gym to find out how much it hurts. The look that good. Tonight trying to. -- -- -- Teach him Indians. Jake Gyllenhaal. -- -- Gwen Stefani. These eight blisters are all about the VV. That after the latest -- in the celebs are. Look at six pack then he cut ads artisan news situation. Kelly Ben Simone doesn't VE remembered her from real housewife of New York same. Will we tagged along as she showed us how he keeps them here at Berry's -- can't -- -- about Cynthia Barack. If VC and her victory her super -- no when he gave. Victorious -- It's this little ligament right there. So -- I know and then there's that France vs dominance which kind of that muscle that wraps around your response -- -- -- happened. Everybody striving for that point of differentiation. And that what's going to separate you. From the only. And it's gonna be that -- cut now I call it he wrote to the promised land. Then Simone the author and mother of two is well on her way yeah -- party thinking about it about it then I think this is probably the fact that after. Thank you gift these results of former model has put in some hard work -- start. Grueling workouts like this five to six days a week. And her diet is just as important I do. Well killing my body there or my body can you know get more muscular and -- can't get more leave actor who keeps the credit for the -- he cut. Well there are some serious contender. There's Brad Pitt in the 1999 hits fight club. R&B singer De'Angelo showing no she winds forty he's super V. But our bets on Beckham. We saw him sporting them on the beach as well -- during soccer games gone are the days where everybody wants that. -- coming six pack. The look comes at a price though one -- at Barry's boot camp runs roughly. Thirty dollars and get -- but that might be able to afford a celebrity to -- what can they do on the. Rocky you saw them in the born. Hanging from the rafters during the reversed declines that -- -- hanging like raises the debt. The -- twist where you bring your knees up -- new twists and kind of cuts work hero please. Prevents -- -- pain is temporary. Victory forever. For Nightline I'm -- clearance in New York.

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{"id":17345140,"title":"Abs, Bringing Sexy Back","duration":"3:00","description":"Former 'Real Housewife' Kelly Bensimon shows what it takes to get those v-cut abs.","url":"/Nightline/video/abs-bringing-sexy-back-17345140","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}