Military Bases Honor Fallen Heroes

Several U.S. outposts dotting Afghanistan are named after soldiers killed there.
2:47 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Military Bases Honor Fallen Heroes
What do you servicemen and women who we met in Afghanistan most want is not -- remember them today. But you remember their friends who won't be coming home here again is ABC's Jake. Our trip brought us to forward operating base Bostick to combat post -- to forward operating base Fenty. To the staff sergeant Heath Creag -- theater hospital in -- The names might just breeze by visitors as they hurry to get to the parents -- the mess hall but they are the names of the fallen. Behind each one is a story. And a grieving family. Forward operating base Fenty here in Jalalabad near the Pakistan border is named after lieutenant colonel Joseph -- Who died in and -- 2006 helicopter crash along with nine other men. Fenty was commander of the 371 cavalry his wife Kristin had just given birth to their daughter Lauren 28 days before the crash. -- he never got to meet her Kristin says he's now proud that a base in Afghanistan is named after her late announcement. But first it prompted other emotions. -- -- -- happy that it is being honored I have these mixed feelings that really just came from grief. And to collect cash -- they took they took show and now. That country has his name on piece of land as I'm. And -- major Boston at forward operating base -- takes it's a memorial for captain Tom Bostick the commander of Bulldog troop. The 191 -- During an ambush in July 2007. Bostick was hit by a rocket propelled grenade. Leaving behind a wife and two daughters. The hospital at -- operating base Bostick is dedicated to captain rob yes -- targeted for killing by the Taliban in October 2008. I sent a picture of the plaque to -- says -- Dina. She had no idea anything had been named after him. Some of the Pentagon question the policy of naming these temporary bases after fallen heroes. They worry that sentimentality. The loyalty the troops might -- because of the name. Might sometimes get in the way of tactical decisions to shut down -- Bates. Kristen Fenty says there's another way the US can honor fallen troops to allow the families they leave behind to receive their benefits. Not every service member dies fighting for our country. Has a building -- -- street named after them but they have given their life in service and the very least this nation can do this to pay the benefits -- survivors. Someday perhaps sooner than we expect. The US will Begin to close down all these bases and outposts or turn them over to Afghan security forces and the names will change. Or vanish. But their memories will live on here at home.

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{"id":15026259,"title":"Military Bases Honor Fallen Heroes ","duration":"2:47","description":"Several U.S. outposts dotting Afghanistan are named after soldiers killed there.","url":"/Nightline/video/afghanistan-jake-tapper-soldiers-war-military-honor-bases-family-heroes-troops-us-15026259","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}