MedEvac Company: Angels in Hell

U.S. Army medics respond to all emergency cases, sometimes amidst enemy gunfire.
7:13 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for MedEvac Company: Angels in Hell
In the last decade 6319. American servicemen women have lost their lives in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Countless have come home with injuries some invisible to the and others. Painfully obvious. But so many more would have died working -- the -- can often unsung efforts of one. Very special unit called the all American dust off they are the medevac the pilots medics nurses and doctors who go into the battle. -- arms to rescue the fallen. Here again ABC's senior White House correspondent -- -- In the belly of this Blackhawk helicopter -- spaces -- hated every second manners and shrapnel effort to -- -- battle is being wasted. To save -- life. An Afghan Border Patrol officer has been hit by an IED. The medic briefs for the severely injured man as the pilots race the clock. I guess it'll help -- -- auto industry. For thirty minutes the pilots -- nurse crew chief had one singular focus to deliver the patient alive to a hospital in Kabul. This is all in the day's work for the all American dust off medevac company based at Bagram airfield in Afghanistan. But history in this -- and beginning -- -- spent an entire. He doesn't feel like -- war is winding down here where the men and women are on constant alert. As the war begins to come to its complicated close their call to provide emergency medical care for anyone at any time at great personal risk. Just last month this medevac unit lost a medic staff Sargent Robert Calgary 39. He was killed by the blade of his own helicopter -- he tried to rescue a wounded soldier on a hill in the middle of a battle. Is probably one of my most capable qualified and the best -- to play -- that I had. Major Graham Bundy was his commander some people coming going -- that some colleges just loved them. -- and staff Sargent Aaron Gibson loves it too. Gibson's a four foot eleven single mom from Ohio nicknamed mini -- We -- people on some of their worst daisy and our job but when that happens is to try to keep their worst states from being -- last day. She's been deployed twice to Iraq once the Egypt and now twice to Afghanistan. Her parents take care for ten year old son -- that they understand why Monica way. He has come see that understanding of why I'm doing what I -- Never before have medics like Gibson had such advanced medical technology. That they can get to the front lines so quickly. Medevac helicopters are stripped down mobile emergency rooms. You can do -- twelve lead EKG on here since the oxygen saturation in your blood. Of a US soldier makes it to the hospital alive he has a 90% chance of surviving. It Saturday evening and gives it is preparing her equipment for her latest assignment and what will end up being a long and dangerous night. And I ED has exploded near the Pakistan border severely wounding two Afghan border police. Have been sold -- house. Major Bundy will be a pilot for this mission. Going to -- a little nervous. That's especially true since the -- -- fly into combat zones in -- armed helicopters. Their motto is unarmed and unafraid. -- later you -- -- We take off to medevac choppers on route to -- -- airfield to pick up the two wounded Afghan border police. It's coalition perfectly good acidity. Inside the helicopter it's freezing cold and stinks of gasoline. For four hours were strapped to our seats with earplugs jammed in flanked by crew members scanning the ground for insurgents with guns. The sun -- -- were in the air. Bundy Gibson and others on the team put on their night vision goggles. It's just sort of shuttled -- and we'll have. The coverage of the. On the tarmac until all of that there's miscommunication. War is dark and -- And confusing gives in first approaches the wrong helicopter. But then finds her patient on the next one. He's quickly transferred to. Barber heard it here argued that while you know right now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We lift off again for an Afghan military hospital in gardez in the south. Gibson's patient has burns -- damage to his eyes and face she keeps in stable with fluids and sedation as we proceed through a mountain pass. -- asked certain altitude will be a problem. He added air pressure can kill a patient already fighting for his life. Profitable said that it will be good as what -- At that time. But soon major -- does not have a choice but to go higher than 101000 feet to -- left insurgents fire the medevac which takes evasive action. Climbing up and away from the line of fire. This -- the but the poster children responsive. -- -- -- -- We soon -- the Afghan hospital only to sit on the tarmac for half an hour waiting for the Afghans to come pick up their patience. Gibson continues to treat the patient. We're vehicle observed. -- -- The delay is maddening. Whether Afghan nonchalance or incompetence or something else. But the team says that the fact that the Afghans showed up and we're as professional as they work is a vast improvement from their experience in previous years. Caught in the raggedy beginning of a troop drawdown Bundy Gibson in their crew were out there in the dark of night getting shot -- to save Afghan police. -- -- -- In the past two months they've flown over 830 missions helping more than 1000. Fifty patients who were fortunate. They they clearly couldn't see a solution that sound. But it just have to these easily have been. Turn catastrophic -- -- you guys see some really awful stuff you see people at the end of their lives she children nor heard if you soldiers who were hurt. And some of your own medics. How do you deal with that this specific company. More than most I think is a very. Tight knit organization here you're able to fly a mission as a -- Talk about it as a -- immediately thereafter come to terms with what you've seen her and then that is sometimes how you deal with this. Is what they do fly into the horrific aftermath of mutilation and murder often while it's still going on. Gibson was recently awarded a medal for saving a French soldier after lowering herself down from the helicopter on -- hallways to get him. That principle related that it. Saw this law and law. Loading data like -- earnings. Maybe I was there -- Angel come and many more. Angels. You know.

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{"id":15026226,"title":"MedEvac Company: Angels in Hell","duration":"7:13","description":"U.S. Army medics respond to all emergency cases, sometimes amidst enemy gunfire.","url":"/Nightline/video/afghanistan-jake-tapper-soldiers-war-military-medvac-angels-health-troops-us-15026226","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}