50 Cent: Hip-Hop Humanitarian

Rapper whose lyrics include sex and violence goes to Africa to help children.
3:00 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for 50 Cent: Hip-Hop Humanitarian
-- not used to seeing -- our Angelina Jolie globe trotting on humanitarian trips. But fifty cents. Turns out the lewd and crude rapper has been -- a lot of good in support of the -- World Food Program. So they invited him to a refugee camp in Somalia. Arguably the most lawless country in the world with terrorists pirates and now a terrible drought and famine. But convenient do gooder cramp his bad -- style here's ABC's Dan hair. -- this day fifty cent AKA Curtis Jackson is best known for rapping about bedding women drinking champagne. And getting shot nine times as dramatized in the movie. Get rich or die trying in which charts -- rise from crack dealer. And number two on the Forbes list of richest black entertainers so what is this man doing at this security briefing. This is but it -- -- very and about to head into a place even more dangerous than where he came from Somalia. On a humanitarian. Mission did nothing I think that that number -- after our security briefing fifty claim not to be nervous at all. -- until the brief and very dangerous but we don't get briefings. An environment that compliment in the present themselves we were. Flying in with the united nations World Food Program. He just launched a new line of energy drinks called street -- Ten cents of every bottle sold will go toward feeding children all over the world -- -- billion hungry people the students. He's -- provided more than 3.5 million meals but this would be the first time. He would actually go to a refugee camp where that desperately needed money is being used to save people. And as we -- and it became clear that this was a bad boy rapper win and identity crisis. One anymore OK let's say. My latest. You've got a lot of money so it seems to me you here's -- -- -- -- -- make my life meaning. Exactly. We landed and were quickly loaded into a convoy led by a -- filled with armed -- Somalia is a land of al-Qaeda. Piracy and famine. All you need is thirty seconds on the ground here to see how -- and hospitable this -- news. -- -- We arrived at a refugee -- filled with women and children many of whom had walked for weeks. To escape the drought and war. As he watched frail arms measured to see the extent of their Mal nourishment. This rapper who sold drugs -- age twelve on the mean streets of south Jamaica queens. Who never knew his father and whose mother also a drug dealer was murdered when he was just a child. Was at an utter loss for words. -- -- -- It struck me as I watched it he sent peer into a makeshift cots and a and interact with school children -- only get one meal a day. That this men whose lyrics are so sexist and violent that the UN initially didn't want to take his money. He is in real life very different than his public image. This house is crazy I had interviewed fifty once before so I knew that he never drank or smoked -- meditated with deep -- -- -- Owned a four pound dog named Oprah that he liked to dress up and -- rattled around all by himself in a mansion in Connecticut. Do you work all the time. And -- and what about your personal life. I really don't have very much. But even if he's bad boy Boller in -- seemed like a little bit of a front. He freely admits that images of him on this do gooder mission. It could further alienate his core audience. You know send -- your song lyrics are about being -- being tough and it's cold world. How does that jibe with what you're doing here for these -- Within the -- ago. The maximum loses. That next step in my. Tim always is prepared to do meaningful. -- and women necessarily. Grown thing. It is a tricky transition truly uncharted territory a first step toward being what his manager called this hip hop Bana. To get a sense of how tricky and look what happened when we visited a school where the kids knew fifties music very well are you guys fans of fifty cent. But they couldn't get him to sing with that he was an uncomfortable moment. He wants them. This disarm. -- Singing -- song me. Consider all of that in -- So once I put -- pressure on the -- the zone now. Yeah a little bit -- why didn't you wanna say one men that -- in -- that I made that there is. Didn't feel appropriate this because if you saying. In the club about six words in there's an F bomb Barack home -- That's gonna land -- out there but it's strictly and -- -- at that. Despite all the things you do you are a little -- I have. The education at fifty cent bid battle for this rappers still is a fascinating spectacle to -- By the way he did end up singing a little it would those kids Goucher did this very day because I think -- They loved it. We're Nightline this is Dan Harris in Somalia who.

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{"id":15788960,"title":"50 Cent: Hip-Hop Humanitarian","duration":"3:00","description":"Rapper whose lyrics include sex and violence goes to Africa to help children.","url":"/Nightline/video/africa-50-cent-humanitarian-rapper-children-music-15788960","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}