Ai Weiwei 'Never Sorry'

Chinese artist fights to expose the oppression and corruption of the Chinese government.
3:00 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for Ai Weiwei 'Never Sorry'
Hosting the Olympic Games is an enormous honor for any country but in 2008 the attention lavished on the Beijing Games also brought controversy. Especially when a famous Chinese artist thumbed his nose at the oppressive government. He's been speaking out at his apparel ever sense. Here's ABC's -- revenge. There is perhaps -- -- -- -- moment for our country even when it hosts the Olympic please. But four years ago in Beijing the -- -- scrutiny. The Bird's Nest Stadium a -- feet of architecture was the centerpiece of those games he was this man the well known artist I way away. Known as China's Andy Warhol who helped design the bird's nest. And -- -- a surprising thing he walked away. Boycotting the Olympics and accusing the Chinese Government using the games as propaganda. Since the Olympics the artist has transformed himself into one of China's most outspoken critics school. He has been beaten prosecuted even held in secret detention. Today he lives under constant surveillance the man China wants silenced sat down exclusively with us at his home in studio in an art district in Beijing. Every day you don't know. There could be enough yeah. At any moment he speaks fluent English and he wants lived in America but he's remarkably soft spoken. Outside his studio up and down the street our cameras put in place by Chinese authorities to watch his every move how many cameras all -- hammer us you know and -- you're here today. His Twitter feed is blocked in China but it is his weapon of choice. It was a heartbreaking earthquake that shook -- warned China in 2008. That spurred I would -- action. More than 68000. People died many of them children who shot -- rebuilt schools collapsed around them. Just madness no -- people that Anwar. In 2009. Chinese police repeatedly visit at 3 AM. Yeah I -- own camera ruled in the dark as he got punched in the head. The only way to win the bad parents -- let -- won't know what's happening. So how did -- get tickets how does an artist to become an enemy of the state. The new film I will wait never sorry seeks to answer that question they call and I can live I. That's a very dangerous description. Director Alison claimant followed I went away for three years I don't think she ever was safe and I think he's safe now the confrontation brewing between -- -- and the government finally reached a dangerous tipping point in April 2011. When he was taking into secret detention by Chinese authorities and an international outcry erupted for his release but the government accused him of pornography -- -- -- And held him for 81 days when he was finally released he was shaken. -- -- -- Console. You know without a mom for -- perfect. More than a year after he returned home it's still hard to talk about you no longer if you could not contact you find me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it was -- Thousands of Chinese fans donated more than one million dollars towards his 2.4 million dollar tax fine. After his release I -- returned to Twitter and to his studio. His biggest incentive for staying out of trouble a three year old son he adores. He says he won't stop his fight. After the beating after the containment. Then of the system can -- them and could account win. -- could account would not -- second. And -- I think of people's desire for liberty. For happiness for freedom. Nobody has about that and for that I -- -- is never sorry for Nightline I'm Gloria Riviera in Beijing.

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{"id":16874966,"title":"Ai Weiwei 'Never Sorry'","duration":"3:00","description":"Chinese artist fights to expose the oppression and corruption of the Chinese government.","url":"/Nightline/video/ai-weiwei-16874966","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}