Airline Food Disasters

From mystery meat to needles inside sandwiches, it's the in-flight meal hall of shame.
3:00 | 09/19/12

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Transcript for Airline Food Disasters
From bland chicken -- stale pastries fried fair to say airline food has earned its status is comedies most persistent punch line but. While in flight fare can be disappointing sometimes some mile -- meals are just so bad. They give -- make you think twice before you lower that tray table so here's ABC's David Wright. When you're running the modern travel -- -- and hassled and growth in national security. The ultimate insult. -- -- -- -- -- Served up hot if you're lucky enough oil container on a plastic -- looking. Probably tasted like toxic sludge what -- that -- let's discussing like the worst thing theater ticket I mean we sat down with. -- editor of your LA. Check out the web site airline meals dot net 26000. Photos taken by passengers. On 600. Airlines worldwide. And you know -- this is -- immediately. Whitish -- and. All a Moscow to Malta passenger posted that the salmon that Aeroflot served appeared to be as old as his grandma and maybe the answer is to drink -- That's that's always think that way to all in -- and I think. Oh for the glamorous days of panic. When the travelers dressed like Don Draper in the -- were more refined. Delicious food -- for the -- If only modern airline food whereas Stanley Kubrick imagined it. 2001 a space -- The only thing Kubrick got right seems to be that in 2012. The food in those foil containers it was a chicken. Something like that bears little resemblance to anything you might actually find on planet earth and this is -- period that that the airline food. Is the grown up equivalent of the school up. And of course we pay through the nose for the privilege. According to a new survey released this week that packet of Pringles comes at a 495%. Markup. It's enough to make you wish Gordon Ramsay would pay a -- in the sky ships and sort them out I want and are now between you two -- Are you doing the airlines are well aware of complaints from frequent fliers like Anthony board -- of the Travel Channel. It is true contempt fly you know in New York. In fact delta recently hired a celebrity chef. A former contestant on the next iron -- -- -- -- this is where we separate the chefs from the Cox to review its in flight menus alas that's for business -- This. Burgers and yes exactly and you're on your and O'Dell says the best option for those of us condemned to -- -- economy. Is likely to be -- The -- to get away with it as long as an -- -- That's countdown the trend -- there animal actor -- It's that -- down -- human. Probably true to of the mystery meat they're cooking up in the -- with or without a fine -- it to Washington. I'm David Wright for Nightline in -- us.

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{"id":17268434,"title":"Airline Food Disasters","duration":"3:00","description":"From mystery meat to needles inside sandwiches, it's the in-flight meal hall of shame.","url":"/Nightline/video/airline-food-disasters-17268434","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}