Airport Luggage Lost and Found

The latest way airlines are cashing in - selling items from your lost luggage.
4:49 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Airport Luggage Lost and Found
Maybe you're among the millions of Americans are flying this holiday season and you've encountered the hidden cost and the blatant fees airlines now charge at every turn but you may not now. That that thirty dollar check bag fee is just one way airlines can get money out of your luggage. They can also sell it here's ABC's Ryan Owens. Whoever coined the phrase half the fun is getting there. Clearly hasn't flown in awhile and certainly not during the holidays. Nearly 44 million Americans are expected to crisscross the country by air in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year's. The price tag for that holiday trip home an average of more than 400 dollars round draft. Industry experts say airlines had increase fares nine times this year alone. And that doesn't include those -- peace. Last year American shelled -- that -- popping. Five point seven billion dollars. Most -- checked bags song to change reservations. In exchange you'd expect your luggage to be there when you land. 99% of bags do make it. But every year millions do not. This gives me. I lost my bag my -- -- -- we can just close my back. It happened to Ben Stiller in meet the parents. He was forced to Wear his girlfriend's -- -- -- -- -- Now imagine how humiliated he indeed if while he was stuck in that pink -- Someone else was here buying his pajamas. He shoes. Even his Cologne. Welcome to the unclaimed baggage center in tiny Scotts Borough Alabama. It's someplace special all right how much stuff as it. Well we think we have about a million -- -- every year Brenda Cantrell is the stores spokesperson. And today at least its spokes model yet. She's I have on the dress I have on even the wedding and I have great example of your wedding band. I got a couple hundred dollars -- is astounding what you find here this is a sign of modern travel -- are well armed. We have thousands and -- -- home from ethnic violence. This is the only store of its kind in the US its owners have an exclusive contract with the airlines. -- -- is unclaimed for ninety days it's legal to sell what ever since all night. And we do mean -- ever -- it. Railway. Clothes -- -- big seller and what goes under them still surprisingly well to. Items here are twenty to 80% off suggested retail we had people every year from all fifty say it's probably forty -- important countries. Some people come just -- marvel at what other humans pac -- and it turns out often pack their wedding rings when they go on business trips. That's a whole -- And we're not here to the ballot today women -- some of their finest jewels. The five point eight care about lingering and -- celled for twenty 6000 dollars. While. Evidence of our digital addiction -- everywhere. That laptops you left in the -- back pocket. It's here same goes for that camera you've got for your birthday when we get the cameras CN and the digital cards we clear all -- -- You know they're not getting a camera with other people's vacations vote without checking out that senator Bob wedding it's not going to be on the camera -- -- -- Speaking of weddings they have that handled -- We don't know at all I'm planning our wedding. -- -- can -- -- her entire party here. Surely this correspondent could find a few things it's -- -- -- -- People's names on. I actually need I think you're hanging outside today and the Muslim and his oh -- -- The truth is the selection here has gotten a little -- lately since airlines started charging for checked bags and more people are carrying on and less luggage is being -- and I check my back. It's what Ben Stiller did for the trip home. The only way that I would ever -- over there would be you came over here right now and tried to pry it from my dead lifeless fingers okay. But if you do check your beloved back. And never see it again it at least tell you know he wasn't really lost. Just landed. I'm -- Owens for Nightline in Scotts -- Alabama.

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{"id":15243940,"title":"Airport Luggage Lost and Found","duration":"4:49","description":"The latest way airlines are cashing in - selling items from your lost luggage.","url":"/Nightline/video/airport-airlines-luggage-lost-found-plane-15243940","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}