2011: Angelina Jolie on Family Life with Brad, Bosnian War Movie

Actress tells ABC News' Christiane Amanpour about life with Brad Pitt, six kids.
6:55 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for 2011: Angelina Jolie on Family Life with Brad, Bosnian War Movie
She has the Hollywood lineage should be bee stung lips the acting chops the swoon inducing partner in the kind of kids magazines -- Eight figures to photograph. But Angelina Jolie is also an unflinching humanitarian a member of the council on foreign relations. And that's -- ABC's Christiane Amanpour founder. Found one of the most famous -- the world taking another chance to deflect the fascination. Here now the Nightline interview. Do you ever get to walk outside what's funny is where so clear now -- the cameras Hadley remixing have a normal to head up but if you enjoy these -- -- -- about and understood Sunday morning in New York City. When it's understandable. Often ruled it's not often did she move upon Brad Pitt get to step out of the limelight. Couldn't find ways. You know and I think we're getting older too you know we're getting to where we're -- -- mom and -- don't go clubbing -- -- to think things -- done to it is that you start to the LA mama -- -- -- Boring the -- But -- -- you guys have date night. We do we go we go we Sunday nights and times news him to a hotel and we have are that the first thing in the morning we -- -- the kids and a crack house. The couple met on the set of their movie mr. and mrs. Smith. -- -- One of more than fifty films Jodi has started from blockbusters like the Laura -- franchise. To her Academy Award winning portrayal of -- psychiatric patient in girl interrupted. -- no way she's become the highest paid actress in Hollywood. And one of the most famous women in the world. If you didn't see -- in her latest movie it's her debut as a director and -- -- The film in the land of blood and honey is about the three and a half -- war in Bosnia in which 200000. People -- -- This is something in Europe this was not this was. The worst genocide since World War II in Europe and what were we all doing. And did we do enough and why do we not speak about this enough and why don't I know enough about this since I wanted to learn I felt a responsibility to -- And she hired only local actors who admits through the war and tried to tell their stories this. She even made two versions one in English one in Bosnian. This cast is my family they're my friends now in. And we had this journey together where I learned so much and I was so change to abide by them who he still can't get -- peeks through heat. It's an unexpected and courageous choice for a the first film. This is a war I know about having covered the entire conflict and the genocide it unleashed on -- The international community estimates that's and they have systematically raped as many as 20000 Muslim women as a weapon -- -- Jolie unflinching lead depicts life in the camps where women who -- reviewed and ready. It is -- Controversial thing to do to tackle the idea of counts of ethnic cleansing of women being raped as a tool of war. The different ethnicities. There's no safe way to tackle the subject matters but I think the important thing is to discuss them and tackle them. Two of the -- joined us to discuss the movies and the concerns in Bosnia about such sensitive material. Being written about by an outsider. In fact -- -- to her name off early versions of the script so that she could gauge reactions. -- -- -- finish the film star remembers her first impression. I it was so it was just so true and I felt it was. -- have to be written by Bosnian. And it was it was just unbelievable. And this -- Bosnian -- thank you. She was presented with a special award at the Sarajevo film festival. To recognize the attention she's brought to the continuing impact of the conflict. Joseph -- -- a celebrity is a tool a means to an end. I wouldn't have been able to get this film made. If I didn't you know have have the success I've had an and that many situations around the world I wouldn't be able to go. And do any of the work of ending for the last ten years if I couldn't. I didn't have -- so I'm very grateful for -- -- the visiting refugee camps in her role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. And -- -- or trying to help these children in Afghanistan. She's tireless advocate who tells me that she finds this work. More rewarding than acting. And is taken around the world opening her eyes to conflict. And the joy that can rise from the ashes of war three -- six children were adopted from post war countries. Cambodia. Ethiopia and Vietnam. Second mini United Nations that Asian nations it's changed a review of they have flags -- national flag they have if you like. Yes is that had to -- connected to know about it beyond. Well we we travel to their countries we have projects in Cambodia that -- that for years where. We've just broken ground on our TV aids clinic in and -- -- and we're just starting a project in Vietnam so all of our children. -- have something that they will go back to volunteered with and have there is they're responsible to an attribute our country. -- impressions of people want and what -- Do you plan to get married to have mr. Brad -- -- And the kid these kids asked me the other -- and I asked them if it was just as they wanted to have big cake at a a just that. Past -- they see movies that have. -- People get married in the movies or somebody's. In the happily ever after check -- -- on our Mary had hit that. And we've explained to them that our commitment we decided to start a family was the greatest enemy could possibly have -- you have six children near. You're committed British hit and run she's still committed to active -- says that there is much more on -- road ahead. I just feel that there's a -- there's so many great actresses in the world and they did so much to do and they are doing great things -- need. A not now I don't feel needed. In a position of being an actor Philip and I needed at home -- a mom and I'd love to be able to writer director work on -- produce more projects about. Issues. When dealing with situations that I that I feel passion and a for Nightline I'm Christiane Amanpour in new you'll.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Actress tells ABC News' Christiane Amanpour about life with Brad Pitt, six kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15093113","title":"2011: Angelina Jolie on Family Life with Brad, Bosnian War Movie","url":"/Nightline/video/angelina-jolie-motherhood-career-15093113"}