When Animals Attack ... Each Other

National Geographic captured incredible video of lions, elephants and other animals fighting.
3:00 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for When Animals Attack ... Each Other
When it comes to passing on bloodlines, you might be surprised that these animals, even some we think of as gentle giant are listening to the call of the wild. Here's abc's john donvan. Bird do it. Frogs do it. Even teeny tiny bugs do it. They all do it. They all -- well they all beat the what you call it out of each other. All species have their internal arguments, and all humans love a good fight. So with some pretty decent color commentary it's lion versus lion. The fitness of his mane is in kags -- indication of strength. Juvenile charges, two tons collide. The cat mob scene they clash head-to-headen a mass brawl, using long clause and teeth that grab their rivals and go for the neck. What is the point of ate all? This man who works for "national geographic." It is entertaining to seat animals fight. We pay $50, $100 to see humans boxing in the ring. This is the survival, fight for life that we are getting to see. It is educational, exciting. Educational as in watch this. The blue freeze, every clash this happens. Trunk and tusks weigh 500 pound. Anatomy and physics lesson in one. The skulls aren't solid but built like a honey comb. Al allowing for their head to be maneuvered by neck muscles. Same thing for giraffes. The inside the neck story. If this blood supply is cut off for even a moment, the giraffe could lose consciousness. Oh, my gosh. A blow to the back of the head is all it takes. Here's what you find out about what animals fight for. It is food, it is water and it is sex, or as the narrative put it, the bloodline. He is a bachelor lion on a mission to mate to. Establish his bloodline. He will have to take control of this pride by force. Meaning that males are fighting to see who get to mate with the females. But feet mails the females get into it too. This one fighting off the male intruder. Here is why? They're protecting theirene en er j enn enner -- energetic,a if he wins the he'll kill the cubs. And the females will lose all the investment they put into the cubs that are living right now. Reporter: Tough world out there. Good tv. Hmm doesn't seem fair somehow. John donvan, abc news, washington. Wow, grab your popcorn. Animal fight night premiere's, october 6th on the following is a paid advertisement

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{"id":20479469,"title":"When Animals Attack ... Each Other","duration":"3:00","description":"National Geographic captured incredible video of lions, elephants and other animals fighting.","url":"/Nightline/video/animals-attack-20479469","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}