Ann Coulter, James Carville Face Off on 2016 Election: Full Conversation

ABC News' David Wright moderates a talk between the two political heavyweights as they discuss the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
37:47 | 08/23/16

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Transcript for Ann Coulter, James Carville Face Off on 2016 Election: Full Conversation
Welcome to evo. And before we get started when I think we're we're streaming this live on FaceBook. And on And we hope to hear from some please chime in with your questions your comments and we'll try to get them a little bit later on today. But first let's start with you and say that. Donald Trump is successful you make the case in your book in part because of political consultants like mr. Carville and because of us in the media as a backlash against that you write that candidates these days are too sanitized to blow dried. Over produced I kind of think of them like. Boy bands and that people the voters have been craving real music but what is it that makes you think that trump is more than just one hit one. Well these are so. Anxious to acts and all of us. Some things politics where. Standards national wisdom. Consistent theme throughout his life of caring about the American ask the American farmers not particularly getting on with his fellow. Billion as well fine arts and I do say because this. Probably isn't clear from from Boston Vera. Just his attack on my party's old party had. Why my party's political consultants and pollsters and really do think this'll actions turning to be. So much of the consultant the Washington. Against the people. And it just regular ordinary Americans working class middle class. I party cared about the working class. But comes along and says you know it's actually do something at least need to stop being lonely workers. Need to stop engaging in the news. Suicidal job killing jobs you'll was actually our. Night let's nonviolent. James Gist away inspected. And I thank all my party lines I suspect you're going to be talking about ties mean just got that. Look and it's just to clear that an blamed Republicans regular table because that I put on what. It if you look at performance at the look at economic moment there is not just about home for the Democrats it's unbelievable. It's staggering it's breathtaking. And we go back and we document GDP growth job growth everything if you can imagine even the Baptist. It stock more. It it's all done so the fact that that vote comes along and says you've been fatal but Republican Party is actually not surprised Bob. We've had to. Successful democratic pretenses by every measure including approval writing to and it does after Republican where they felt. The party should have been and was right with somebody to say you've been let brought back the clock out. And I think just the truck the thing do you see trump as another clown tourism and who could potentially turn things around like. I think that this is that deflect election is that the distinction good because it trump says there's a place in America that we can go back to you want to thank you want to go back as something that in his mind we hit you want to make America right. I think what Hillary Clinton's Democrats are saying this. Without a forged a country that we it is a different country. To countries different in many many many respects. And and I think in some ways it's a lot better but this is of the election between somebody who fit we could go back to 1958. All we can afford to get deported 48 and that's the big distinction here now that I'm obviously very comfortable with what the side of this debate that we're wrong. And how do you account for the bankruptcies and for the ties and shirts made in China and lately even. He seems to be back pedaling on the central promise of his campaign had a building the wall throwing them all out talking today about. About. What was the phrase. Fair but firm. Are you worried that he's gonna sell out that because it's been at the center of his campaign. Not all on and I just passed quickly things James Lindsay in films since X line by. I mean we have more than presidency meals congress but with both the last democratic presidents they had they only got anything on the first two years icing it was the Republican congresses that ushered in. That great economy was certainly true owner in the economy. Was a disaster for the first two years and and you have to push back and offers about letting congress in two years and asked for this business. Republicans would take us back to the 1950s. And installed on its own acting. Also this saying is let's hear about Americans let's do something for Americans are not Wall Street. Not a clue to perhaps. And these shavings I don't think anything new with his position is gonna build the wall let ice do their job I thought it was always going to be humane. He's clarifying a position from what. His detractors said that there are going to be you know. Gone hasn't gotten ripping little children from the Internet mothers bosom and throwing back across the board now about it it was always going to be humane is making exactly. What what did that we'll talk more about immigration and secondly let's move on to a different troopers who. One of the big things in this campaign has been that the question of Washington politicians bought missiles by special. Let's stipulate that the clintons have cashed in on the presidency. Like nobody else in terms of speaking fees alone and. And now they're not the only formal presence it gave me Norman Powell on our money yeah let's sit like irregular just more from staff. They got a Mark Martin who cookbook but. President Reagan and speak in Japan President Bush gave speeches so let us just stipulate yeah. Yeah where or you feel we are apparently. This week in answer to a lot of criticism and finally said. After it if Hillary Clinton wins in November no more foreign contributions no more corporate contributions. And that. That promise still gives the foreign guest spots in the corporation's if you mormons and attack stickler. Independently OK we're Devoe you're gonna win. The process generally go shut the Clinton foundation that it will be great fine not eleven million people get HIV drugs. Only to people and getting more arrogant drugs in eighty and 90%. Before they wore that happened that I affair shall. That is right it. This recent development and the single most proud that he stoppages. Human Genome Project which is going to say god knows I'm. In the Clinton. And you know it was for you know it's at anything with those with bill with the head of the Red Cross in bottles with our. Instinct thing and I think wrongly. No one said anything ABC news was not a connection. When President Bush saying it has library which is a great place for Chapman and several with raising money upfront with press. Selling British award at a slower I want to follow our potential is there you have to concede you've worked for the conflict of interest in north or the appearance of a conflict where donors we we learned just today in this there's an email scandal as well. That donors to the Clinton foundation. Got special access in terms of the secretary of State's I don't want who is the biggest protective of Christian ultimately. But again I'll pop point is that we get everybody into the ground that no one had no one's at an hour and moan about Bob don't look now. Nolan said anything about what you think news dot I didn't think anything about it if you want about it Clinton over technical equipment so that repeat. The clintons have never taken a nickel. How does it profit. And can I am. Well nobody cares about ex presidents speaking fees mean people might camp it's not the same thing when you have someone it's. Who was running for president currently secretary of state. And yes not out of the Clinton foundation but they get money into the Clinton foundation and nobody Y on. My husband gives a great speech and then Bill Clinton gets hired to give you know 600000 dollar speech and Hillary is pulling strings to help whoever hires. Them to give the speech on ten million dollars from. Saudi Arabia and you have back from down in Miami. Movement Hillary pushes the loans through floor and he ends up presenting his spending to build houses in Haiti. Com. Whose name. Are touring well we can find it you look up he's gone to prison. Is that that that's usually got from the United States taxpayer pushed through fox fast tracked by Hillary. He was spending on you know condos and aspect and his home in Florida. And the Cayman Islands Goldman's body was building houses in Haiti that was all the money that was fast tracked from the taxpayer. Into bankruptcy on but. That fact that Clinton that would make that. Back at the site. In the week why erupts. That does not yet again because it is that speeches President Reagan and President Bush can deny what is. I already got two million in 1988 now. To just be just to be honest advice so you know that it at that particular you can look it up. Had it was fine he does are you you know five you know with good news in Japan and get out. But the point it is that I think that the confrontation. With the ball. Blot. You guys I'm gonna win. Because they will shouted out going will be a shadow wouldn't want this is the last time on the count of it's that simple when they have. The thing when her body console is on the Foundation's contribute. They do a spectacular job we'll just have to agree to disagree about this but disagree we will. On the question of politicians being bought and so Donald Trump is got some stuff in common here right and it. Innocence I don't know how we let them make the case that he has his own man financing is on campaign beholden to nobody. How do we know that if he hasn't released his tax returns we know who he owes money or favors. And there. The Sunlight Foundation. Ars that the agent stated they keep. Their money that they're collecting only 10%. Extremely. Grateful charitable. Lines and eight. Staff seasons. So what. I don't want the process obsessed with seeing Thomas taxes but I don't know how riches how do we know Maria is Wilmington. Well he's got two billion dollars in debt as the New York Times just on. Taxes. Aren't wealth tax he is released on hours and beyond when he was required at least he has. In his financial disclosure. Really what matters is what he's personally want war. But don't we now use most. A lot of money. Probably didn't a lot of money into this but that's real estate and we have a social also we want when NASA listing all kinds depreciation rules and options. But the reason is not releasing. His. Who RC is being audited and the idea it. All but still legally it's been trying for murdering. And even murder any Internet and Elena well okay -- find out somebody out there. Tell you until this audit is overdue act as a species that. I think they're probably think I'm some revenue times and find. At least record. It is our history up residence at least not there is constitutional. But there's a history as a candidates releasing her health information. It's effective well first of all. Every tactic for the person that actually be under audit it makes more sense to release your tax return to you can not well 'cause the government already passed. So what's the problem. If you're an honor to audit and you release them. Maybe some are etched I would say one his biggest deduction so it actually I'd get a chunk dog can at least make no sense at all none. He now. In terms of a helpful. Doctor Lisa Braddock might be but for now after the nine graduate of Pitt University of Pennsylvania NYU law school board certified in Paris. It's sad that she isn't good help them much more detail thing and then been trumped gas from colleges. Put out I'd advise anybody to more rate Kirk doctor Walt owned Newsweek about the difference between who to health disclosures. Now Rudy Giuliani is thing and go look on the Internet. Although look on the Internet Internet you know Google flat earth. Google you know 9/11 truth for Google Indian stuff you know evidence that the Internet is the be all end up. Part our information is out there it's attested to Bob Ward third party and turn. The guy that put the truck stuff Donald Duck and. Well my response I didn't mean he. Was well received. By default or long exhaustive these things for hours in his speech every single thing. She's awesome problem giving their speeches you know she happens to blood clots in Oceanic and action. So yes people are concerned about ousting she seems to me hell up. The stingers and I'm sure some would be very happy to have awful example I don't know as the doctor evil things remain on Saturday. Maybe we can find some common ground here and push for total transplants and vision released for health records show he remains in effect and that. I think if they can get was staged. Over the country. Everett people think what you've politicians get along with us that this country really really eat. It's all but it's not adhere to its. Feet. His release her health written the what would be he reached a pact to turn that thing for the last 33 year. The that the audit it just a total. It actually target. Actually makes sense the best execution I don't know if you're on an audit who cares the government is parking that it acted. Don't buy that reason players because look at sonics. So as a simple thing in a speech and you got all these obscene interpretation at least as a tax returns I arrest adds. And hire New York Times working pro Bono for the I arrested try to find something they can get you have every tax attorney in the country. Looking through these things I did ice any if you are on trial. No it's not illegal to go out and start talking tonight on big employers gonna tell you don't do it until the trial was only don't let anything I don't know I it was. IRS doesn't have packed. They the Rick and you know facts. Yet. They know what's in hair look over a little bit longer and some of its restorative so we went went went amusement over the past couple of days we've seen Donald Trump. Hit the reset button a little bit he's reshuffled his campaign to you please dial back some of his statements a little bit. And he's been reaching out to African American voters as well. How's he doing questions about. Well first bogey you know we'll somewhat of an apology too good you know are these groups. And he's like he's been hit me like a little girl five cents up and I apologize. Pocket of being mean to anybody in the country is getting its act again. It's becoming very very compliant before without the being that if we thing you know hall often thought handled pretty way out very sorry. They're more hurt anybody's feelings about half what happens when you wouldn't when it's hackable review called compliance. In his he is an incredibly consistent despite enormous shocking. Attacks needy which is why. As a saying and in my blew up when. When he first came on the scene a lot about our issues nobody stands and voting floor front I just like his personality Adam about the issues it is the issue. I I I think like a lot of people thought to myself. Well I'm designing the perfect presidential candidates I'm not run as but I doubt it but what hacking is pushing issues and want. Back seen. How ferocious. Attacks are from wanting to help the middle class wearing class and you mean there aren't your. Just for just attacks from. The media front and perhaps from the consultants and so on. I think Mitt Romney could be taxied curled up in all of a quarter so why not end up liking his personality. Americans always Sunday. We want to non politician we just want something New Delhi and fix things. Outside of that is they don't have you know all the polished. So he's getting a little Paula I likes what he's this week he's not changing his policies. He's disputing for easy. Media myths about about how media is going to be but I. He's ad and it was funny when he sent me I laughed out laughed when you sit and now what don't sometimes I've said things that maybe actions Anderson Acton. This will surprise you but I regret was what I liked most about it wants it wasn't in the middle of the media. Obsessively do you why the media ask him to apologize. To augment that. Didn't want you all know they haven't you found the email message under no known and there is no are you going to apologize for that is the Republicans it is bush it is trump. Miller Democrat will be asked aren't you want to know the media does seem to think it's obviously an official apology request. Get the bank in the count how many times she's the media that big a deadlocked at Donald Trump's here. I thought I just say he's very compliant he's sorry. He didn't meet our body and up that things be any body injuries like that little. You know sixth grade girl or out why it's okay to. It. He seems to be struggling to come up. With a cohesive campaign staff one that's and a coach and throw and I want to ask you set aside their partisan permanent. Become a Republican strategist what would you advise them to do in order way. Well. Actually. Don't think it's possible and weird because I think the American that he envisions is not the American and yes. But I guess what I am saying is is that you don't you go this fall Bobby and different. Don't try to sound like the rest of NC woody seems to be doing is like going to the teleprompter. You know post ought to apologize thought the same and a softening up started to stop pivot to the senate if you don't. And I don't think that's why his people I don't think there's enough as people away. I think they've figured that out. But he you know willing to try to get the black notebook Heyward thing I know a lot of a lot a lot of a lot of African Americans all of them. And dubious. Proclaim to be done and that's that pretty much the end of the deal for him lately he's been complaining that this is a rigged election is it written a book. Could how would you rate. I had. No idea why do you think that's a serious claim or is that sort of sour gray has. All kinds of tried going on but not I want to get back to the idea of him and he's hitting. At all and he doesn't have to moved percent to one of the things and it means fantastic about the obvious. Unlike. Democrats or Republicans that old cliche is you run. For the base in the primaries and have to move back the center for the general election but not throughout the primaries most. He was never. Sucking up to the song tiny little evangelical. Faction in order coming out for and against abortion in the case of rape an insult. He always running a general election campaign he doesn't need to pivot. The plot the problems. That people see what's wrong are. She only stylistic and isn't his issues it isn't his positions. With its chiseled lines aren't that she's rocked is that she's owned by Wall Street it's this total league corrupt. Foundation she's running it is not positions that aren't particularly popular. Amnesty for all dumping low wage workers on the more worse. More war we had enough war I was Iraq War we're in now. On the marathon and we only. The Republicans have become the anti war party here I'm usually if we need to go to war but we have to stand were able to meet. Well just like we asked Janice to be that of this campaign strategist for trial that when asked you to be Hillary Clinton's spokeswoman Berman. Answering the Ben Ghazi question what could she how could she Fraser what could she said that would satisfy conservative. Well. She would have to invent a time machine. Go back provided security for the embassy. Knox herself lying about that attack on the embassy being the cause of some Americans video tape an upset but little darlings. While she's telling Chelsea city Egyptian ambassador emails that of course is that you with a medium ones just. How high energy audits. Meanwhile she's seen in public hands. The owner most of them are members are out here at the request or. He and I'm not going. I'm going back not doing the things she did I don't think there is an. This is no question that actually people that do. It out let me back cola the Washington Post has the I didn't fight it leaders say yes right the camera double check me fact check. The number of times. That truck has been caught line. Operation again again again let me let me look into the camera and say you can look it up. It is exponentially more like a good million times more that Hillary Clinton. We fact checked me NC has been caught it and walk out now lot. And now we get it out they've. Hourly factory you look at Fox News. The agency who has been caught lying right the audience less partisan. And the Washington Post and Nokia is that we're back. Which are Democratic Party operation. It lays out. Right there as a box please go look look at it if I'm wrong. It. Until it. America's borders biggest U in this campaign not just the people coming across but the goods coming across now trump saying. Basically everything that's wrong in this country crime wise is a function of illegal immigration the senators got maybe and lately the Clinton crowd estimates that thing that. You know a big problem is that. We've created these bad trade deals and goods and mention jobs. Have been shipped overseas. What is to be gained more laws by doing our own version of the racks where the Israel. No I think it's a great idea actually I like Sanders before a lot of positions he unfortunately. Him some of the news when he was part of the Democratic Party and the parties are mainly thing. Both parties are her robs and it is a serious issue the goods coming in. Not only the trade deals which Tom I must say he's been salt long enough for forty years he has not changed position on how we need to negotiate better trade deals. It's pretty isn't used to house. More than twenty million. Manufacturing jobs in America counts down to about ten million what it why are we calling out the industrial base of this country. There's only one person has been talking about you and only one person is gonna fix that mean now the cedars he didn't hear about. And I would also say that another huge problem facing the country would appoint Tom has made it. Not very first pitch isn't the draw is coming across the border. She seeing all of our prime problems are coming from immigrants but. This problem we don't need to deal with its very easily so mobile. We know we have our own criminals. We know we have our own people why you bringing in other countries criminals we ought to be lying in all of the Harvard admissions committee. We want immigrants to get our average up. Well we're vote but don't be it would support the third option tower company that is. So let's talk so anything can get has not made yet entered the call. What are things that we do and in political debate if we pitch everything is some kind of you know again that it's all oh. The truth is use. Mini often times. He straight yields have a conflict if they do cough. Some jobs in the united that they talked about this back and confident right about this equipment the period pain followed by summit with a future. Again there's no such as did nothing that is how good all back. Adjusted to think we'll have wondered could they when he about it again. Pull ups aren't there yet you can also undeniably. He's made goods cheaper unionized. Would also lively does. It's it is if they NAFTA it helps the hole in the next open help them. Which would also we traded one biggest trading partners we have it's not a one for one thing. I I think if you you you know what will we we do it overall tilted if it's going to be all right it's going to be out terrible and I think one of the things that we. If you put a 35% tariff on every imported good you know come on. They stopped to think about that justice that I'm riveted to it but that's what it. His tone. And deals. Auckland to walk away over. 35% are not gonna say okay we'll stopping you it's as if you know we're playing baseball game and end our team is because. Is down by twenty. Brains the other side isn't going to say okay it was just we won't we don't count this ignorant are you part of the problem. And that. Yes goods are cheaper and yes jobs have been shipped overseas and sent me this sneakers are made in Taiwan or China. And they're there their they're cheaper to produce. But the profit margin is the same thing because that consumers are still paying a hundred bucks for the where shenanigans and so if we get back to the special interest thing which has become corporations who. Look at thank you get that you know pat. If they don't want people I think could we key patent don't follow. It causes you know all kinds of things that effectively we hope that this that the they get it or not we kept notre. Doesn't stand. Thompson blew it without capital offenders that on the camera. I don't know what else hey you know what that that's the world's that that part of whole world's you know individual bilateral trade agreements between the United States and China. Understand. He keeps alluding to that he doesn't know what he's talking. Like he got. In question talk sock two thirds of the time. He doesn't know anything he doesn't own them and Tim Kaine and company. Between the senator from Virginia and the government jars. By his own admission he gets his foreign policy from looking at show. I mean. Whatever he would and you know four. Like your wife who aren't like them expert and you can watch it kept. But if you say get every that everything from every try to greater make all good flows that it does. Acting in the day. You say I can't. Guess if you put a 35% tariff it would you know help them myself up and in the United States. What you want to really want up point eight now called Washington you know twelve ballot in Atlanta if you think about it. Yeah I think about though a lot of things in this country and I just think. From obvious and it does great peers I think immigration. Is a whole it's been good for the US. And I think that battled weight we hear more illegals and laughing instantly in the country in the coming here. It's a problem that people have to draft it's not how it's not all bad. But what you can't be here in New York City and not see these people work incumbent member and world but not the impression they can if from. Since I'm the son of immigrants you guys are probably a bit farther back than that but and Steve Jobs was this economists Syrian immigrant right. And it being 1970 immigrants. To insanity and yes people LP places like immigration has yet. And really cheap aids and she is that they don't think he's. Neighborhoods in the outer boroughs where the emergency exit. Props. Dumping a lot of low wage workers on the country is away for the working class and middle class. This month high as the servants of the very rich in places like New York City. So yeah roses for the ranch is not so good for your average American and I just went on anything there will be no 35%. It's that threat of that era. They gets China. Two saying okay America we've been ripping you off Elvis I'm gonna box on your goods they're not gonna walk away from trade when they are totally ripping us off. They will just aren't playing fair they are part of the World Trade Organization that's horribly it has not helped accidentally iPad app not. Otherwise not so many illegal streaming gamblers as truly. Mexican foreign peasant farmers. And it is not true that fewer immigrants are illegal intends. Streaming across the border is something that just can't stand by please like Wall Street Journal according to the last census and not according to the Border Patrol was upset that. Think it well or illegally over the country coming but we we we can do that. But he can't compete with 35% cap that is Iraqis are not go do that he just as he's done well he got the second act. It at some point. You know potato research done by academic every way in the city get the most important thing a president. What the candidates actually say. If both people realize that is very good evidence that they actually cute but try to do everything that's stated. He. Says he wants to deport eleven million people he says he won't put of 35% powerful thing Communist country he says he wants to build well. I'm taking him or his supporters that would ultimately make that argument that we had this is if it's just that the bargaining chip. If if if somebody says that he and it is not been. History has shown us that we should take America at war. It's pretty clear that if he's elected he has to build the wall right. Who's gonna pay for that's an unquestioned and what do you do with eleven million us human and permanent athletic. And and he's happy obviously going to allow ice to do its job and the board and the islands and on Wednesday across. The details I think you'll be in the I think we'll get a lot less Muslim immigration. And that's what he's going in in the direction Hillary's direction is amnesty. Dissolve our borders. More than quadruple the number of Muslim refugees. And what are the details that anybody who went to heaven I says membership art. No meat processor for details but we know she's gonna fling open borders and he is going to build the wall. If you imported imported eleven million people throughout the phone book while bus the bus flattened go right and a rocket. The human hands so much -- fourth but it again that's what you shift it tells people that he's gonna fit. I'll check it out so well now that it when he wants it I can only take advantage or attempted that is more. You miss characterizing. Him on both ends in Europe and on illegal immigration and won again on the terrorists there is a threat to put it pretty 5% to art is not that he is not. You mr. I think what that's why I tried interrupting we don't mischaracterize what my point I want to clarify. The 35% of its not that he's not really gonna do what should I don't won't agree to what they aren't getting a good out. Yes he makes the threat if they're stupid enough but nobody would be stupid. As for the it's not eleven or like thirty or forty million. I'm limit on him when they have to know. He's just singing is not going to be in the state but there'll be self deportation. Will be around there will be. Felt as the I just let us. Ice and this let our Border Patrol do their job their Don would you deport without. Initiatives. East at the very opposite but he doesn't mean yes that's. Not if you're saying he's he's making a threat if they don't change their beer and simply not. All right Matt there was a big man alone and on this because of Michael Walters. Recessed. This is already an awfully ugly election win or lose. Does either do you have any that the day after Election Day whoever wins is going to be able to get anything. I mean things and this is one of the things I think about a month in an awful things he's talking about. Frankly even if they are executive branch powers negotiating trade deals. I'm putting limits on and on certain types immigrants coming and build a wall 100%. Indian it's his don't defend the borders. And so none of that he needs congressional approval for quit as we've seen from all over and over again. Teach us extending me all brands to and the other members of my party and keeps getting is he bitten off. I mean he did end up after enormous pressure taking not pledged to support a nominee so don't just above just walk away from it. At the convention he invites his rivals to come and speak and there's always bitterness after you lose an election on not Romney's rivals would endorse and endorse anybody but him. But now the media is encouraging. On the sore loser don't of the Republicans. Would improve only had dozens. Rumored recovering the fact that these guys are not coming. What else are we supposed to do. I'll might not turn on TV it's based between you know they Hillary's items never troopers all these people never heard before allegedly in the conservative movement of apparently got very important. Since the team if you talk after they were targeted. And it Mitt Romney is an important book George W. Bush is an important. George H. W. Bush in part Republicans none of what you've been taught. Don't tell. TV and nothing like Rick Wilson and at least. He's deeply as well. Daughter. Oh mommy and revive her of the bush is everybody attorneys people there not liked it there all in Victoria. Don't like people but then that dominant that there done. That's their party enters. 08. I think I think that. I think you you it won't complain about it and and off right. I think that any place. Constantly pointed out your party is divided every game every formidable right president every Democrat oh with acceptable candidate. In West Virginia it and saw secretary. Now. I think it it's gonna break. The game but could vote. A very clear that forces it is very very rates. Where one candidate says he can make America great again take us back there's not been yet another candidate talking about old. I think that she can win. I don't think it's going to be particularly close. I think she's gonna take Democrat Melissa and I think she's got. An opportunity. To do some things for a where we are now how much of their party's jeopardize that. I mean you know they'll get you going Lockhart of libertarians. Any amounts of the planes now it get that the you know they'll play apologetic and presented it hurt her bile like a point in the polls now which he can't tell that it probably agree that you and you can't tell. What what it does but it's not going to be. It's I don't think it's going to be decisive in this election go. And they usually go down third party candidates there is no Perot trump is the arrival he is the alternative to both of the political parties. I think he'll get a lot of democratic votes a lot of in depend there's nothing to frighten independents or swing voters about. How do you account for the post you think they're just a lot of people out there that are lying to the posters are not. And I think there's plenty of time seeing and I think they will. The books are called we're still right viewers there's still wrong the Democrats if when he sixteen James Carville. And in trump we trust the program is awesome. Ann Coulter thank you both very much about it thank you syndrome compasses that you very much. Else and yet we dependents. If you run is that's James has recipes and has put it up oh.

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