Why Anthony Weiner's Wife Stood by Her Man

Could Huma Abedin's decision to publically support her husband save his political comeback?
5:07 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Why Anthony Weiner's Wife Stood by Her Man
On TV shows the wives of politicians tend to have a certain look about them perfectly coiffed glamorous -- a -- with a serene attitude. And -- supportive smile. And while there's always a scandal visual or sometimes the escapades of real life politicians but the made up ones to shame. As the latest controversy rocks Anthony winners mayoral campaign. And his family his white faces a public test of character and public judgment for her choices had she gone from victim. To enable here's ABC's Lindsey Davis. Anthony Weiner the man who desperately wants to be the next mayor of New York was back on message today his wife were nowhere in sight -- -- -- -- me on the street. They don't want to talk about something might have been one of but out of sight is by no means out of mind when it comes to this newly minted symbol of forbearance and forgiveness and there's a continuing these things are behind me now. The man who could be described as a serial sex -- isn't getting nearly the attention today he is extremely private life whom and the dean is yes. After she played out the notion of stand by your man yesterday -- the first -- And to because -- very nervous her decision to speak publicly perhaps the only shot at saving her husband's against the odds come back. It took a lot of work. And a whole lot of therapy. To get took place right for the -- but I made the decision. That it was worth seeing this. That was a decision -- for me. For our son. And -- him. Her defense of her husband inadvertently made her -- lightning rod for criticism many thought would have been reserved for Weiner has been -- judge journey that her. -- -- frequently used adjective to describe 36 year old Aberdeen is private. She was -- successes Hillary Clinton's right hand woman when she ran for president and then again at the State Department. But this group interviewed during the 2008 campaign is one of the few times she's ever spoken on camera. So many ways I'm kind of the junior member of killer -- certainly. On this stage but I feel like my opinion. Counts and. And matters in fact that's been her trademark behind the scenes power player and but until yesterday. Anthony Mason horrible mistake but I do very strongly believe that that is between us and our marriage. Her mood seems rather out of character for the woman -- largely remained in the shadows following can't win in this situation because the guy has behaved so badly that there is nothing -- -- -- really to do. Dean has admitted in the past is seeking relationship advice from longtime friend and former boss Hillary Clinton welcomed her underwear look up to my mom I -- -- I get advice from her -- constantly support systems me and she appears to have taken a page out of Hillary's book not just standing by her man. But raising thousands of dollars in working her powerful connections behind the scenes to get him elected mayor of New York City. We love this city and known work harder to make it better and Anthony. I will fight for you every single day and good right now it seems she is doing the fighting for him we are moving forward. Despite the new sexually explicit -- that were leaked online Monday. Allegedly between a 22 year old woman and -- who was reportedly using the handle Carlos danger. But at a campaign event today were Aberdeen was not President -- still topic of discussion. But this may have been her only option to -- her husband's political career the fact that she continues to bat for him. It really does raise questions about her her judgment and why she thinks this is OK once again the discussion in the -- household may be similar to households around the country when is tweeting cheating. I've had women caught this way I've had men caught this way it's becoming. Very prevalent calling it cheating 2.0. A married man or woman sparking apple flirtation with a stranger online or rekindling an old flame on FaceBook can truly be playing with fire. Should who movies singled out for standing by her man. I don't think any of us can know right now all the reasons why her -- is making the -- is making it beautiful today. I think that there's an automatic tendency to want your husband to be successful. Two want to preserve your marriage to want to protect to the father of your child and in this case. Very clear political ambitions but it is highly problematic. Because what she's telling us is trust the liar. Today -- confirms he's staying in the race despite -- growing chorus calling for him to drop out. Advice it seems it's heading who -- -- -- -- way as well. ABC news has learned some of her friends are now telling her this is no longer -- good idea. For Nightline I'm Linda Davis in New York.

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{"id":19766845,"title":"Why Anthony Weiner's Wife Stood by Her Man","duration":"5:07","description":"Could Huma Abedin's decision to publically support her husband save his political comeback?","url":"/Nightline/video/anthony-weiners-wife-stood-man-19766845","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}