Apple's Controversial Supplier Foxconn

Suicides and explosions put Apple's Chinese factory in the spotlight.
0:59 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Apple's Controversial Supplier Foxconn
If you ever visit the Foxconn factory complex in change in China you cannot miss the nets. And it is hard to get them out of your mind when you leave they're there to keep the people who build products for apple or Dell or Nintendo. From taking a deadly leap off a factory roof at a Foxconn executive admits that without those net sending suicide cluster that produce them. We wouldn't be looking inside the -- factory tonight. The suicide -- went up in the spring of 2010. When nine Foxconn workers jumped to their deaths in the span of three months. A total of eighteen employees took their own lives -- -- to in recent years. And given the company's massive size Foxconn suicide rate is actually well below China's national average. One reason Louis -- our executive -- said it took several months and several suicides before Foxconn and apple. -- shaken in action. But the beginning this we see fools who size of the game we see that there isn't costs in fact. Until I think that you that the fourth with a 61. He says Apple's number two man at the time Tim Cook flew to Shenzhen and helped assemble a team of psychological experts. Recommended nets to make impulsive -- think twice before jumping. Foxconn also that promise to raise wages and they open this counseling center and why do you think so many happen at the same time. Honolulu city there are many reasons counselor Yang -- Reid tells me of course some has to do with management's good. But they had more to do with the new generation of migrant workers. -- -- state of mind how they -- society. Also it's heartening signs. But it wasn't just the suicides that caught the world's attention explosives hid a fox -- -- -- child duel last year poorly ventilated aluminum dust. -- the two separate explosions and iPad polishing stations killing four. Injuring 77. There is in fact one labor rights group in the country who claims that they tried to warn about combustible dust. Before the explosions is that true you do you have regrets about. Not doing more sooner. When you Johnson would. You know we feel we could have done a lot more we hope that to a world that -- -- Who would normally we would that was -- apple takes working conditions very very serious way. And we have for very long talking. Apple declined my repeated requests to interview new CEO Tim Cook referred -- to his statements of the Goldman Sachs investor conference last week. We don't let anyone caught. Corners on safety. But now more than ever they're trying to prove that to the rule until this year apple had never. Its suppliers. They almost double the number of supplier audits performed last year had a few months ago they decided to join. The fair labor association. And we were there -- the head of the AFL Blair arrived to Begin the largest ever audit -- fox this is not a surprise. How do you know whether or not we have a -- for the failure -- I expected to put an issue that's normal but -- I'll miss kitty Saks fifth we have a bottom up into the -- -- leadership it is over the next couple of days everything looks. It's only fair to know that apple is just one of many Foxconn customers and most of them have escaped this recent storm of bad publicity. As one of the FLA auditors explains the biggest and most visible brands. Often take the heat for the entire industry on why the time. They recall -- -- Nike didn't write Indian industries and there was a moment for 1990s. When they come a lot of publicity and -- And that aren't increased its provision and I -- -- Mississippi -- community -- and it's it's just that the publicity scientific. Part of the fair labor association -- -- time -- and pay records while another uses. Yes I pats to -- the anonymous grievances of 35000. Workers to a server in New Zealand.

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{"duration":"0:59","description":"Suicides and explosions put Apple's Chinese factory in the spotlight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15763376","title":"Apple's Controversial Supplier Foxconn","url":"/Nightline/video/apples-controversial-supplier-foxconn-15763376"}