Area 51 Brothel Targets Sci-Fi Geeks

Just outside Sin City is a sexual fantasy experience that's out of this world.
19:48 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Area 51 Brothel Targets Sci-Fi Geeks
There are many would find what is going on in the Nevada doesn't just plain wrong and others who would think it's just plain funny. A third group might say it's just good business it is certainly not of this world. ABC's David Wright goes to Carson City to take a look at the latest twist. To the world's oldest profession. Remember the X-Files. Can pretend. I don't think of this as the triple -- spot. Boldly going where captain -- may have -- -- work. Not many others. A place where -- -- -- wildest fantasies and become reality. -- -- -- -- You can dress up like captain Kirk. And go and solutions we will take -- what you could be with prince's Green star war itself. And I'm hoping to get Kerry who's a friend of ours has been the buddy rich for the grand opening of the plates just zip. This is my new home. Area 51 what we're calling -- 69. Dennis -- the owner and impresario of the moonlight bunny ranch a legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada. Is expanding. In an unexpected direction -- a gas station it's a truck stop. It's convenience store and abrupt and a brothel right over here real cat house -- a landscape that already looks a bit like tattoo. Only the middle of nowhere. Half imagined his new brothel will be something like the bar from Star Wars. It's still under construction. McAuliffe has big plans this is captain -- through fire. Heidi Fleiss sexy trying to get captain Kirk's chair from the -- -- for a yes that's certain physiological. And you're trying to get captain character coming -- -- Fox News and partner in this enterprise is his old friend Heidi Fleiss I think it would be cool feature to have people sit and then take a picture what the actual -- Yeah. The motion for the new trial is denied the former Hollywood madam now fashions herself the alien man. Right down to designing and ordering the costumes and props to what are the options -- Tar got to go avatar so sexy little thing like out -- time. We'll sexy sexy aliens who want -- look scary. Definitely a hot. Nobody went to -- would be alien from them. No -- you don't want any include -- blood and gore like that you want sexy avatar sexy alien thing just. This is both -- Yes full 3-D yeah. I've had amazing reaction from all the truckers and all the different people that are into the scene. From around the world. When's it gonna be open -- hat. And slight chance yeah if your imagination Hoosier only limitation. Use the -- yes yeah. -- -- -- -- There's something about being in costume -- says that allows people the freedom to explore different sides themselves the biggest sex organ is right here it's all in our head is is not as much physical. Is this -- people wanna be somebody else for a night -- -- -- who lived the experience and not be responsible for their actions to care for me. -- as lawyers are dressed like captain Kirk. Quiet Yankee -- protecting -- -- -- it's all about having a good time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why luncheon there will be no shortage of -- feminists saying this is that puts it of the weapons. Star Trek lovers saying this Star -- is sacred. Yes of course -- it's always fun to have those kind of people against you that does they can grow to a higher level. Naysayers are not Dennis -- has convinced they'll be plenty of customers. He says the bunny ranch attracts lots of guys like Howard from Big Bang theory. I'm wondering if we make sleep with me when you could be with a real woman -- you mean Bernadette. I mean princess Lynn. Whose sexual fantasies trend toward Battlestar Galactica -- Morningstar about. We're here. A lot of -- -- looks at the bunny ranch is is gamers. Because of computers and gain in the smear and sometimes don't develop the social skills. That they used to that would -- -- -- -- absolutely. These guys might well need confidence boost comes from a -- Truckers the oil up from models -- And. And if aliens ever do come to area 51. Imagine. I'm David Wright for Nightline near area fifty --

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{"id":15882829,"title":"Area 51 Brothel Targets Sci-Fi Geeks","duration":"19:48","description":"Just outside Sin City is a sexual fantasy experience that's out of this world.","url":"/Nightline/video/area-51-brothel-targets-sci-fi-geeks-15882829","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}