The Art of the 'Hunk-vertisement'

Some ad agencies have started using super sexy men in ads for products targeting women.
3:00 | 03/15/14

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Transcript for The Art of the 'Hunk-vertisement'
I heard you need -- now. Aliens ten minute. Filings. Some people say this ridiculously -- commercial for liquid plumber drained -- Is empowering to women. Good morning. And Vista is -- this hefty garbage bags packed curbing costs and -- innuendo lanes bomber plugging distinctly on the sexy products are -- told. I'm advertising. From your question. -- I mean agree. Explain this frankly bizarre phenomena and we enlisted -- dream of home advertising -- burns Jamie from the ad agency Pereira and -- and grace. The drugs company -- aren't -- in funding agent brains behind. This race he would music. And -- or Richard for the living room. Vindicated and maybe John Pierre. So long advertising to women has been about oh my house is pretty and I -- -- be pretty everything is pretty and finally we're saying like. You know what it's okay to make a woman last. There's this paradigm that's already been created for the sexy. Advertising. Geared -- men this flips out on -- -- And that human DNA because apparently the women -- Than men. They would prefer to have somebody who really speaks of their intellect. Guys made by car just because a beautiful woman is draped across that -- bit windy. -- -- -- -- Women aren't saying -- -- you know get a piece of that it's like when you look at. Women going to tip in Dale's shows verse says men going to strip clubs but is there anything news about the sexy and -- -- -- justified for years. -- -- The difference. Underwear it -- to be sexy. Salad dressing. -- Not everyone is on board one million moms objected to crop it's sexy -- others think the ads are sexist. I think it's a little -- Condescending that someone thinks that women need a hot days to lure them into buying there household products here's your man candy lady -- still see you as a primary consumers of cleaning products. And we aren't high brand TV -- in the toilet cleaner. And we just. Could this make more women watch how would that where the script looks disturbing disturbingly good and they wouldn't let me play like cars. -- -- -- and so I'm and handling. Irresistible reported. At last her because I thought that what are we trying to achieve here they're trying to romance the women and men potentially of the world. To let Nightline in two. Their homes plummeted success because they are actually trying to prove a point. Read about minding your self conscious because -- Bredesen you don't want people to see your team. Our point to grant women must be a -- boy who want an antibody that -- Coming. Love terrific camera and -- until something for you. And relax the forehead this went on for the -- candidates from each little bit. Did you growled and I -- -- I don't. I think you need a real -- case to make this work. With a bad back. Here it is. -- and TV comforts. I've got something for -- you. -- In your. It's in -- veteran Rory even in a deep romantic -- You have -- TV and -- Did you know. -- -- -- -- It's just been. Protests in Switzerland. Tonight live. Nightline's romancing your mind. The senate next here.

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{"id":22929433,"title":"The Art of the 'Hunk-vertisement'","duration":"3:00","description":"Some ad agencies have started using super sexy men in ads for products targeting women.","url":"/Nightline/video/art-hunk-vertisement-22929433","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}