'Asian Playboy' Smashes Stereotypes

JT Tran charges thousands for seminars that show Asian men how to talk to women.
5:38 | 03/03/12

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Transcript for 'Asian Playboy' Smashes Stereotypes
That's on this Friday night a dating coach who calls himself the Asian Playboy. -- taking dead aim at a lingering stereotype. That -- and just don't get it when it comes to dating he says his techniques can make lady killers anybody virtually overnight. It's not cheap. But is his boot camp forfeit ABC's Chang takes -- It's been called the mirror and say Jeremy minute film that Landry Fields for. Ten to study the Bible and finished by putting imaginary line. Pocket protector. But -- has managed to Duncan's -- -- -- -- com. Scary attack. Growing up Asian American my sisters and I were painfully aware of the biases. But it was worse for my brother. Pop culture is full of Asian dirt caricatures. -- long gone in sixty -- -- mr. channel in the -- Any back I've Bob. You know the assumptions good at math not so good with the ladies. That's where -- T trend comes -- and he's the self styled Asian label and they're going -- -- don't. Look good. He believes it's possible for any Asian American man infect any -- -- channel his inner heartthrob. I think -- -- junior from who leaked. John Cho from Star -- Daniel day camp 15. -- what's your best pick up line. My best -- don't -- instantly come up here and tell you that your beautiful it's not that hard to mess up. When you're nervous and -- sputtering touch turn. Release. Full steam rising cookies history. Here actually expected to go on and do this Hummer don't know how much is your Brothers are. Welcome to the ABC's good traction JT's dating boot camp for Asian and he's teaching these guys how to walk talk and express. In order to protect women -- I didn't go on a single date and how I was in college JT says he can help these guys with -- once in their shoes. You weren't always the Asian Playboy billionaire a Russian haven't heard absolutely absolutely and majored in Paris based engineering a rocket science yet. -- Ronald this year because he wants to expand his options in the dating a -- Your -- your -- you've got style why aren't you where I want to break out of my Asian circle. My friends aren't as willing to go out to -- club because. There's just more -- standard like either case there were able you know -- you. OJT's. Rise from geek didn't do grew. Has inspired Ronald and his classmates to fork over a job dropping 3500. Dollars per week and JT's romantic islands. Pay attention. They took him. Controversial tip number one get rid of what he calls the Asian poker face you -- -- facial expressions. After telling us that story -- so excited sort of look at fact tipped over to the touched turned released. Later this. We make iPods that smile. Next up fashion advice when year old of this and also mentioned -- On hand to assist JT is Sarah a -- -- woman in for -- whether -- And outgoing man a former rock and -- named Garrett literally true -- defuse this as an exercise. Modest means doing. After two days of lectures and it's time for on the field research -- -- civilians and Donald and his colleagues are dressed up and. -- as a result all. -- Those are hesitant -- firms. We want pep talks and some -- courage. Ronald introduces himself to a -- -- -- -- His newly acquired pickups still seem to be working. All pulling -- the dance floor but. Back at the hotel the guys need for a postmortem and -- is the man of the hour. Driven when making guys tell us how to act how are a list of it is not gone to see all the guys a round is like staring -- -- -- the chances are shooting. And then only it was is really just like him. However he now says he's more. Confident about dating both Asian and -- Asian. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody here. Here is about offensive unit today in the. I grew up. And they've discovered that the only way to break the stereotype. Is enough. For Nightline on juju Chang yeah.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"JT Tran charges thousands for seminars that show Asian men how to talk to women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15839024","title":"'Asian Playboy' Smashes Stereotypes","url":"/Nightline/video/asian-playboy-smashes-stereotypes-15839024"}