Assad: Deaths Were 'Individual Mistakes'

Barbara Walters exclusive: Syrian President Assad denies giving orders to kill.
3:00 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Assad: Deaths Were 'Individual Mistakes'
Special edition of Nightline and a major network exclusive. ABC's Barbara Walters is just back from another Arab country seemingly on the brink of -- -- another dictator's regime Syria. Barber is the first American television journalists allowed access to the country since a nine month old revolution began she was invited there. To conduct an extraordinary interview with the embattled Syrian president. The show are all Assad accused of a brutal crackdown that has taken at least 4000 lives Barbara welcome home. -- -- you sat with Saddam Hussein Qaddafi and Mubarak how does this -- compare. I get he's not a brimmed -- -- the -- -- -- was is not a wild crazy prison. At least actually Qaddafi seemed to let his -- he has soft spoken he is not particular he speaks very good English. There -- no ground rules. He -- -- question. But there is this -- connect -- between. What we hear about this country. The reports the we have seen. And what he -- in the top to put the two things to get. It was -- captive by cellphone cameras and post it online -- to -- Syrian protesters. Chanted for the removal of that president. The crackdown that resulted has been hard to know civilians gunned down on the street could get snagged the wing. Canoeing and says what -- -- protests have been killed including more than 300 children. And you -- union have taken homes. -- this -- Syrian President Musharraf our son. Once seen as a whole foods can no long defense -- good condition. -- the attention of the -- Much of the world regards you as a dictator and tyrant. What -- -- -- that. What's important told the feet and people who cut through the political -- -- if anyone could have his own opinion with -- president global fish and -- Any success in the same for -- -- title Portland. Public opinion doesn't that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Syria's uprising began in mind. After a fellow Arab nations Tunisia and Egypt have thrown out the dictators and as the world moved against Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi. You have -- I'm certain the pictures sent. -- -- the president in the back in jail at pictures. And will be Moammar Qaddafi. Killed. Are you afraid that you might be next. -- -- that the people. What's important fit into what has to launch a daughter captive of the delta permits fortunately I mean the only thing that you could be fatal -- president. To do with the support of the people suddenly -- that -- could be a fatal. Do you feel not -- that you still have the support of -- people. If people have the support of the people who cannot be and useful to. The fittest companies it is very competitive that it could come through the -- and if you don't that the public support. You feel the majority of people in this country support you. And through -- -- whose TV on in demand. And I that I -- up against I think that to be precise. Syria's Arab Spring began with a handful of teenagers writing anti -- that -- on -- school. Those children were taken away some reportedly -- torture. And people took to the streets they -- against the regime. And then came to crack down. That crackdown in the beginning -- the brutality. Do you think it went too far. -- can now. -- -- this without incidents you ask me to take you'll according to a rule and political news reports -- help and hopefully if president. I've seen awful pictures. Of what happened. Why was this such a brutal crackdown but and Bob give you some examples. Prime time. The -- -- a popular protests and -- home front -- to step down hard his coach who. And -- well -- illness Stanton who mock decide also paid a heavy price. The cartoonist who is critical -- -- seen his pictures his hands were broken. It was beaten. Many people such particular little thing who could who -- the people -- -- our support to political ferment. Did you give -- order -- -- Now we gave the order to implement the constitution. And that we don't have put -- -- We darling don't have an institution that give people old people owed it to full -- the reaction this that the individual that's what Lakewood. What I describe as individual and -- I've done by the military had done by who. We don't know if you think like some -- of them but the police -- from fifth of them by civilians. Civilians with political football type -- look like overlooked by police. But not by your command. And no we don't have nobody -- comment -- local meant to keep what to be brutal. People went from houses to houses children were arrested. I -- those pictures. The Q2 -- time could be about political if you communal -- -- who have treated to see. We both -- and if so -- cannot but influence through him ending an -- if you notice about actress. Get -- -- to -- verified those pictures. Yet so it's that if the oil output can vote for communications and has -- and forget it do you feel. Guilty. Did -- with a -- that the people think not figured a -- when you do your best defeats voted for the love that this involves. -- people feel guilty when you don't keep people. And this -- -- side to main argument. This country he says is not on the brink of the civil war. The world has been duped by those violent videos and that this is not a fight against peaceful protesters. But against Honda opponents. -- -- That's what he said that's what he says the US State Department disagrees after watching your interview a spokesman said it's either disconnect this regard -- he's crazy. -- about the disconnect he's not crazy.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Barbara Walters exclusive: Syrian President Assad denies giving orders to kill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15109940","title":"Assad: Deaths Were 'Individual Mistakes'","url":"/Nightline/video/assad-deaths-individual-mistakes-15109940"}