Assad Denies 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Syrian President Assad tells Barbara Walters the United Nations is not credible.
3:00 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Assad Denies 'Crimes Against Humanity'
It's so tough for us to get a a real picture of what's happening on the street there was Damascus like -- -- Well I was told bill be far -- -- not to leave my hotel room and as a matter of fact the Jordanian airlines won't allow that pilots to stay overnight so. I was a little concerned. The city is very -- shops are open I had a mind. The young woman with me all the time but I could go anywhere people -- saying you know and malls drinking. Coughing and so forth and yet. -- -- -- -- There's violence in people being killed again is this is just connect that in fact. I hope to put to him. We landed in the capital Damascus in the early morning. And found this ancient city much to quiet no overt signs of tension even heightened security. Has this door is open we found food stones -- well -- and -- -- with the old Damascus market. Only at the high end stores and hotels is the punishment starting ticket sales totals you. Mean mom the protest. -- -- A -- -- -- was never meant to be president. His father Hafez on the side had Buddhist nation -- iron fist for thirty years and had -- another son to leave. But after that son was killed in a conference the president summoned by -- -- than an eye doctor in London. Told him come back to Damascus. Do you sometimes wish -- it was still an ophthalmologist. No you -- book to feel a fifth of the book and now we have more important position. And indeed he does just last month an independent united nations commission. Who interviewed more than 220. Syrians. Issued a report stating that the Syrian government committed quote crimes against humanity torture. They -- other forms of sexual violence against protesters. Including children. Do acknowledge what the UN said. They contain oats case handled the documents and the concrete evidences that you have and which he -- that's formal you have not often -- communication with them. Did the UN not send -- these documents. And told they don't have to -- the names -- of the great people of this. The tortured -- Olympic would have happened meaning that it. Mr. President they have issued this report they have accused. You and your regime according to -- -- according to what they said it's 220. People witnesses. Men and women and children whom they interviewed and identified. And that's when they -- -- crimes against humanity. As long as we don't see the documents and that incidents that we can also -- Personal cannot say just because peanut commission -- -- that the United Nations is accredited institution. You do not think the United Nations is credible will that you haven't gotten it has never been critical that never -- outside blue has hundreds soon. United States European Union and the Arab League can impose sanctions. Targeting Syrian banking assets and limiting travel. A top official. And in the last few months more and more people. Have taken up weapons. To try to topple this regime. Many challenges had detected and pledged yeah Sean. Today Syria is increasingly dangerous and increasingly alone. Prime minister of Turkey who was your ally has said and I quote -- regime can survive by killing or jailing. Jordan says you should step down the Arab -- don't have suspended you. You've lost all the support of your neighbors and friends. Does that matter to you. Political support can I -- deep seated because the pole positions you -- that it's giving up. City -- collapse. Naming issue that matters in this part of the world. Middle East peace terrorism. Iraq and -- and you'll find Syria holds -- chemo and responsibility. So what happens to this man is a vital importance. You said that if there's any. Outside attempt to bring you down it would mean. An earthquake wouldn't. And I do think that I think it messing with stiffness -- -- for the full time. Indonesian youth when you clearly that you have -- -- -- that is going to affect the whole region. For months -- finally -- have not been allowed to enter the country. The protesters camped outside foreign reporters -- they had not been allowed -- doable and -- you. -- -- -- -- And I have -- I didn't -- and -- that -- but you've been -- pulled. Two days now did anyone to -- ethical and approval of and you'll -- to go to they want. So we -- present -- shot at his word. And with his permission. Recent -- correspondent ABC's Alex mock crime -- this city of -- bill where they uprising -- again what is next for this man. Well he says the country's stable it is empty promises reforms elections for parliament. In two months and in -- 2014. Presidential elections with opposition parties and that that they don't want him he'll step down. Policy. In the meantime it may be too little -- Barbara Walters thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Syrian President Assad tells Barbara Walters the United Nations is not credible.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15109887","title":"Assad Denies 'Crimes Against Humanity'","url":"/Nightline/video/assad-denies-crimes-humanity-15109887"}