Attack of the Insects

Ticks, mosquitoes and termites are turning early spring into a feeding frenzy.
2:41 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for Attack of the Insects
For many parts of the country it was the winter that wasn't it's only march but -- geese are back north to goose down is back in the closet. But as ABC's rob Nelson discovered were not the only creatures who run wild. When the weather's fine. Being invaded by them. Before. And someone has threatened time. But now the world's insects have gone way too far. They're killing the -- of our police. All of this glorious warm weather that we've been hearing so much about. Really has served as mother nature's wake up call to -- still termite swarms ticks are also agency mosquitoes right. This record shattering warmth weeks long -- much of the country. As -- all star list of critters -- homes and lawns. They're all here -- if not months earlier than normal. In the northeast parasitic ticks are already lurking in loans readiness so at all public health threats on both pets and people. Invasive stink bugs are now found in 33 states and the nearly immune to insecticides -- poised to ruin crops and fruit. So what's left to do. Will -- in the camp. Meet Joseph Fryer from the episcopal company or -- He means business peace can certainly get in the air here at first glance this almost look like it's fairly -- Joseph says business is up 40% from last year as termites -- -- -- to strike is just early issues income families kind of problem capsule. -- we we are seeing -- in February on this day though Joseph finds it easy that. On the -- everything looks fantastic. I didn't see any evidence of past and -- Joseph leaves the battlefield valiantly. Across town we find another soldier Andrew -- take a New York City bee keeper waging a different kind of fight. I've found several -- that have starved to death this than usual weather causes the -- to emerge too soon and go through -- -- food. Before there -- enough other food out there to replenish it. That forces Andrew Andy very nervous reporter -- To provide -- food and water instead. If this was last year there was still snow on the ground and it was forty degrees -- as opposed almost eighty. What would this be like warehouses -- at what what these -- -- not be flying out at all would be to all be inside -- -- And unless mother nature has won more cold snap left -- short sleeves authorities say this insect invasion. Is just beginning we will expect that they alone and stay out just as long as they normally -- that means we're still a long way from this -- seasons. Closing -- I'm Bob Nelson for Nightline. In New York.

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{"id":15992093,"title":"Attack of the Insects","duration":"2:41","description":"Ticks, mosquitoes and termites are turning early spring into a feeding frenzy.","url":"/Nightline/video/attack-insects-15992093","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}