Au Revoir, Ketchup?

Why are French schools banning the popular condiment?
3:29 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Au Revoir, Ketchup?
French women don't get facts was the title of a bestselling diet -- a few years back but such a sweeping. -- instilling title doesn't seem to apply to French children. Like the US they are dealing with a childhood obesity problem but unlike America they're taking steps to restrict -- -- and cream sauces and school lunches. It has voted to place a special tax on soda. And as ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann tells us the French food police are also after the most American. Of condiments. It's -- impossible to imagine terrorists. Without the Eiffel Tower. For the French without -- -- made food. Here in France -- is almost -- religion. And these -- this is well almost the antichrist. -- after -- such a big threat to the French culinary tradition that they've all but banned it in the country's schools. Middle school in suburban Paris is typical. Virtually all French kids eat lunch at school and we are not talking burgers and Fries on the very adult menu here today. Fresh fruit plate collection of -- -- Detroit to deal with lentils or baked fish with -- I'm looking around it and I don't see any capture where's that kept him there is no Patrick says this school nutritionists want what what why -- -- -- still think -- foods don't need catcher. If I gave you some -- Would you have -- with out. But the risk of corrupting France's future leaders we put the band to ask you would you take it -- I am I think. Watch the picture of criminals face carefully you know -- wrong but. Resist what why do you like him. He has a lot of taste process. Of course just like in the US ban on unhealthy food is in part -- concerned about child obesity. Why catch -- well it has a lot of salt and sugar known -- as fast. You -- under. -- stand why the French are getting a little paranoid about their food. There are more than a thousand McDonald's restaurants in this country or that -- as they call it here. This has been in recent years the most profitable market in the world for McDonald's outside the United States and yes. Big Macs come with a chip here. Lot of catch -- This in a country where irate farmers scorecard. Look McDonald a dozen years ago -- go to the supermarket here Anderson island catch up. Obviously somebody's eating it. American food writer David Leibovitz lives in Paris he says it's easy to see why the French have taken -- that -- -- Biggest ketchup as a really good targets a way to say -- -- something that's making our kids that it's Americans. -- that processed products. If something comes in plastic bottles and -- saying we're going to limit -- in the school. What are they trying to achieve. I think they're trying to preserve. A way of -- game that is in danger of getting lost. Our friends ketchup is a victim of what could be cold culinary crusade. This country schools don't just teach science and history -- the difference between gore made and -- Jeffrey Kaufman for Nightline and parents.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Why are French schools banning the popular condiment?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15277219","title":"Au Revoir, Ketchup?","url":"/Nightline/video/au-revoir-ketchup-15277219"}