Authorities Raid Philippines Bar Suspected of Underage Prostitution

Part 2: Authorities arrest a Texas business man suspected of running a sex ring out of his bar.
3:00 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Authorities Raid Philippines Bar Suspected of Underage Prostitution
Just as international authorities are closing in on the American man they believe is buying and selling young girls. In a remote corner of the Philippines. Here with more the raid NBC's Alex mark -- -- -- Alex -- I'm on the boat with partner Benjamin. 49 year old Texan was suspected of pimping out underage girls from his bar in the Philippines -- -- -- He has no idea right now authorities are closing in on it. All right sounds -- we make plans to meet up one last time before the race. Over coffee and broad daylight tells us how he met his sixteen year old girlfriend Jane -- our principal. Cucumbers and we met her two days ago at his bar. -- -- -- And you know what I want but if she does something I don't like that -- And this time he tells us more about the business side of running -- -- How are we to help -- his -- song Lucy underage girls have worked for him as well. -- -- -- 500 workers -- in Miami where four. -- and how they avoided trouble when authorities last stop by the bar. Lucy tumult they've worked with -- order. Some creatively. The leader also Dickerson her older sister perspective. Just down the road of the trade center where -- stand by his father Shay Cullen the Irish priest who first started tracking Benjamin's. Has gotten word the raid has been given the green light. Six months of investigating have come down to this. Team of investigators working with other -- -- big bachelor party yet crowbar to guarantee Benjamin will be there. I'm invited to be a guest to be inside as it goes down home. We head inside. In the party quickly gets into full swings -- But no Benjamin. Mama -- there and you organize all the girls for tonight. So was sixteen year old princess just that we got racing's -- After 45 tense minutes Benjamin finally shows up. So he didn't. He has no idea that that very moment want to maximize the victims and rescue. American ice agents led by Eric McLaughlin and we've got to be fluid -- Father's Day from -- federal police and government social workers -- all gathered to go over the final planned for the rate it is beyond honestly don't feel like them -- there and after a long and chaotic meeting. In the -- Louisville. Come -- it's time to move out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Benjamin looks -- At first he doesn't move when. The girls are herded into one corner of the -- the do you still. None of the girls admit to being underage -- -- start examining their teeth when of the easiest ways to tell someone's -- Benjamin quietly tries to slip out and has blocked by Philippine agent. Where would ABC news that's when we decide to finally reveal our identities he told us. That you have -- -- sex with multiple girls and that underage girls have worked in this bar. What do you say now. -- -- -- You've never had sex with an underage girl and -- -- -- here -- did you tell us that it's. Just -- Here is bragging its. Just not you should be your girlfriend who's underage worker removed later after. Your girlfriend jade. Took what I today she doesn't exist. Then we tell them that everything is on hidden camera doesn't change anything away -- Sixteen year old princess towers in the corner with the others -- turn on Benjamin what do you think apartment and here as a good man is -- evil man. This you can see here it's -- movies were not greeted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In this environment they've been here for a while trying to confront alone -- they -- -- until it was they realize we're here to help them to significant general. After an hour the authorities feel they have enough to arrest Benjamin. Before and they. The -- -- line work that I do. -- -- -- -- Work with them. Okay fine and we'll be okay proud -- we surprises you can -- home he wasn't denying every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow realize what just happened my what was it about the record from when -- infer from what we're. As Benjamin weights and then we have one last chance to speak with the six hours ago in the evening started did you ever think it would end like this now life partner Max finance and what do you think should happen to you. I think -- should let me go and me talk to me later whatever happened around. What you think is going to there are taking an American Airlines has there could be a pan hands. You said it back. You said that -- numbers -- at sea was a master. At getting underage girls who work in your book by. And I don't -- When we come back as Benjamin is driven away to a Manila jail on suspicion of child abuse fierce fighting over where the girls will go. And uncertainty over what is next for the.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: Authorities arrest a Texas business man suspected of running a sex ring out of his bar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18594672","title":"Authorities Raid Philippines Bar Suspected of Underage Prostitution","url":"/Nightline/video/authorities-raid-philippines-bar-suspected-underage-prostitution-18594672"}