Miracle Babies

Everyday heroes fight the threat of poverty and disease for young lives.
6:55 | 12/28/11

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Giving new life a chance at long -- that's one of the most basic desires of every human community taking good care of new mothers and their babies. In the United States the infant mortality rate is about six for every thousand newborns. That's a great given our wealth but in other places the baby's face much darker prospects and they need help. Which sometimes comes from a world away here's ABC's juju Chang. Doctor -- -- -- and her baby girl Laney are about to embark on a mission thousands of miles away from their New York behind. Thousands of miles away from mount Sinai hospital where she and document process on and Russia are both professors doctor on specialty. Emergency medicine. On his pediatrician. For two years now this dynamic duo has been traveling back and forth to remove most could be. Because far too many women and children die here needlessly. This figure was just telling me you know because the -- sub saharan Africa -- in. Member of woman had just read a line with as -- you know everything about 6% to a line of attention -- current. So they're working with local health care workers trained village midwives how to deal with complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Which kills one -- -- His biological mother died giving her. I don't. Partly. Tactical reasons. Her primary care have been there. Gives me something to relate to -- -- and they immediately to me than women do so much more than just take care of the kids here they're physically person -- palace they. They're really at the driving force the village like Domingo who was close to going into labor but there is no rest. She looks like she's thirteen or fourteen with campus circus he has no idea -- he has she has no idea how far along she -- and pregnancy. And she has no plans to go to the hospital treatment had permission from her has -- -- to be -- a half and to be able to leave behind her -- -- -- -- She tells us the hospital is too far away. Them -- -- with this woman didn't try to make it difficult five hour walk to the hospital -- the birth of her youngest but didn't get their towns. She labored on the man by himself. We found that the majority of women can think. I want thank effect on the way to the hospital. Even at the hospital medical care is clear belief. We quickly find sixteen year old -- from a neighboring alone on the -- -- Sheen did. It's not -- won't get what to expect commitment to hand. Can looking. That they won't it's me it's. -- this morning. It. Three maintenance and the mother of the baby who just died wanted to give us a window into the grief that's so common here. That says. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So therefore women -- one woman. Just miscarriage at about four months and -- seven months pregnant and has malaria is being treated. The other woman possibly be. Last month when -- Four. It was like a unique looking. To. Of heading healthy baby her pregnancy that you have them at a -- woman claimed Monday he -- back -- The next morning back in that same room where relieved to find a smiling -- -- A young woman had been laboring alone on the floor all night to. In order for more healthy newborns to survive here in Mozambique the midwives will be trained in something you might not expect. Stating ending any status sixty entity taking kept -- but Chad them locals knights got rats and -- and and -- that -- cable fittings. And dolls and that the village midwives don't decades of teaching them -- craft. Could help sustain their important work in -- cabinet go and away from the -- -- -- an awakening and money. -- economic productivity -- loss. While her mother learns to so this little -- shows no sign that she's -- become gravely ill. She was much less and I think anyone who lives time. Year old it was a decade goes into respiratory distress. Certain developments real sense of urgency because justice -- -- you're -- -- quickly getting sicker. And I couldn't get a -- Suddenly a simple asthma inhaler could mean the difference between life and death. Our Nightline producer behind the camera Roxanne and -- what just happened to have one. The doctors quickly break a water bottle administer lifesaving medication. -- And. Okay. It takes three doses before that today is -- yeah yeah. It is him in the hospital system gets splits between there actually sent grant -- another. -- A new goes along for the 45 minute drive to the hospital. See it's. Quite. So -- But you know. Yet it is that it's -- it's BS me Levine. Not and I wouldn't maintenance this is under way. Back in pain these matters to know that when -- he's leading. It'd gains. This will be back and a couple and that's when it comes time to say goodbye. The women -- anything. Who hit the parents get -- get back. Was really he needed -- know tonight. -- on the. Where they grappling. Her it was really nice that. Hopefully I'm working with him -- friction.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"Everyday heroes fight the threat of poverty and disease for young lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15243980","title":"Miracle Babies","url":"/Nightline/video/baby-doctor-medical-help-save-life-child-15243980"}