Baby Vanishes in the Night

Troubled Maine family pleads for help, but it's a heartbreakingly familiar story
4:27 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Baby Vanishes in the Night
-- case of -- missing toddler if you feel you've heard a lot of these stories you'd be right. Nearly 800000. Children go missing every year in the United States the vast majority come home safely within 24 hours but -- night in Waterville Maine. Hope is wearing thin for a child now missing. Four days here's ABC's Lindsay -- It tens of thousands of American parents will go into this holiday season missing a child. And pain is heartfelt I tryst or Reynolds the mother of a sweet faced twenty month old toddler named Kayla is believed to be missing since last Friday. I want -- knows where she is I want her home. I am praying to god that the next president does knocking -- my door is -- -- My daughter's safe and she is fine. Palin's father just in to PH -- told police -- -- that he -- baby Kayla to bid in Green polka dot pajamas. Emblazoned with the words daddy's princess but the next morning there was no sign of his little girl. The FBI has now joined the search with local police scouring nearby streams and dumpsters in this remote rural landscape. -- focus here is to find. Him and this is -- innocent child. Missing child case and student right now. Police say several adults were in the home the night gala disappeared including one who was not a family member. -- -- -- called police on Saturday morning after reportedly finding her bed empty. He's not doing any injuries but police say he is cooperating. And late tonight he released a statement saying I have no idea what happened to -- or who was responsible. I would not make accusations or insinuations towards anyone. Until the police have been able to prove who's responsible for this -- mother says he hasn't returned her phone calls and that they haven't spoken since the girl's disappearance. But to -- -- says that's not true it's about their child. And whatever problems they have with each other should clearly be set aside. -- all the energy should be focused. On finding their daughter DA HHS recently placed Taylor with her father but no formal custody arrangement exists between the two parents. Who so far been shuttling -- between their homes in Maine. Leaving Kayla as one of the thousands of children caught in a very unclear custody arrangement. Me and Nevada have -- crashed never gotten together we've just spent acquaintances friends of -- about it. At a time of -- disappearance her mother said she hadn't seen her little girl in a month because she was in rehab for substance abuse. It was mother says she filed for full custody of her daughter on Thursday but didn't tell the child's father or anyone else that she head. When she last saw her daughter Krista says she noticed bruising on her child's -- and the little girls currently believed to be in a soft tents from a recent broken arm. Law enforcement -- say that they didn't think that that had anything to do with child abuse or neglect. But. If in fact. You -- coupled with that that she truly did have bruises on her. And mom is being correct about describing this. That would be very concerning law enforcement experts say when parents feud over custody and a child disappears. It can mean that the child has fallen through the cracks in the system that was supposed to protect them. I have worked a number of missing kid cases in one of the things you have to do is thoroughly investigate. That parents each parent individually. Then you have to look at their relationship you have to look at custody issues you have to look at. Care giving issues in other words is there any history of abuse. Of this child by either parent. Because all of those what might lead you in a direction as to a motive. As to what may have happened -- Her the vast majority of abductions are solved within the first 24 hours. So was the clock runs down on this fourth night into the search concern for a look only grows. Her grandfather is devastated. She's she's dumping someone you know -- -- this woman who can't. Another family is agony this holiday season. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis in Waterville Maine.

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{"id":15202924,"title":"Baby Vanishes in the Night","duration":"4:27","description":"Troubled Maine family pleads for help, but it's a heartbreakingly familiar story","url":"/Nightline/video/baby-vanishes-night-15202924","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}