Bahamas Resort Club for Teens Only

Atlantis Hotel and Casino offers a teen club with mocktails, dancing and charge cards.
3:00 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Bahamas Resort Club for Teens Only
-- try to get into the hottest nightclub in your -- on the line stretching around the block evidence of -- world -- only the trendy survive. And you've got to be at least -- -- want to make it past the velvet ropes that's not the case at club crush. The glitzy Bahamas social haven created just for teenagers ABC's Matt Gutman grabs a mock -- and joins the fun. Dancing -- and as the I want kids just a few years older than -- -- -- an ounce around the dance floor. The -- employees -- hockey. The -- Donte' Smith in his the only lead some to -- club children dressed like this. Photographed by paparazzi. -- -- and the -- hopes how truly I'd stumbled into -- handle it. This is called club crushed 141000 square foot space in the bowels of the city sized Atlantis casino and who killed in the Bahamas. With entry restricted to ages thirteen seventeen exclusive clubs like this are the newest -- luxury resorts are trying to attract teenagers. And their free spending parents the girls I'm -- cocktails with non alcoholic of course. -- GGMS silly and step all told it's. They've been training for their entrance for our ports -- escort them down the hall protective force then -- entrance. And AM entities tell -- this throbbing experience of lights and loud music is even better. It is the New Jersey. Thank you can't -- like this long and feeling you have like a club. You want to meet someone -- could apple -- very unpleasant -- either. Name calling me. You really have -- Certainly not clubs catering solely to the thirteen to seventeen age group. Ever more potent demographic instance father -- until the admits. Who's the one who actually makes a decision pretty guys to come here is -- your kids or is that you it's the kids and her husband David is that financial decision exactly exactly pianist Upton you know happiness is big part of life. And when they're happy we're happy. They have so much to do here and we can have a vacation. With our kids and a weak market. And -- same thing they're having a vacation. With their family but also independently. Let's take a look at the table into that breach jumps Amanda Phelps the super happy general management displace any ideas are trying to. He's thirteen to seventeen. -- well I'm glad we. It's a very tough demographic to go after in the marketplace you know when your kids there's all kinds of options when your -- You don't want to be programmed to you want to feel like an adult which are not quite there. The result of -- twelve million dollar -- -- gadgetry the logic of it all as it couldn't string and a thirteen to seventeen year old. Their parents and even their little siblings have no choice but to follow. But parental approval is contingent upon this actually being something of the CIE operation young boys young. Girls. Dancing in -- room you -- worried about chaperone issues. We have all kinds of coordinators as Wallace security officers and sometimes they get a little too Intel apple just go up Wednesday really. I'll be out of breaking up break it -- and a -- on the dance floor Herat. In fact to charge cards. Enable parents to snoop on the -- each swipe the easy digital record of comings goings and purchases and inside pretty -- This -- computer console a few video games we dancing anyone. And for every texting team. -- is -- waiting parent let it go there. I'm that got -- for Nightline at the Atlantis in the Bahamas you could called purgatory.

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{"id":18786914,"title":"Bahamas Resort Club for Teens Only","duration":"3:00","description":"Atlantis Hotel and Casino offers a teen club with mocktails, dancing and charge cards.","url":"/Nightline/video/bahamas-resort-club-teens-18786914","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}