Band of Brothers in the Great Outdoors

Veterans who survived serving in Afghanistan start the process of healing.
3:00 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Band of Brothers in the Great Outdoors
Today is veterans day we honor and thank all our veterans and their families and here's a story of one group of US soldiers. Once they drew fire in one of the deadliest corners of Afghanistan -- today they're finding solace in each other. Along the Colorado River we caught up with these brave young men -- our series standing up for him. The -- and -- -- one of the deadliest outposts in Afghanistan. Considered by those deployed here -- god for second place were hard fought battles. -- -- -- -- Some of the most riveting. Up close. Images of the war in this valley were captured by journalist Sebastian younger and the late Tim Hetherington who was killed on assignment earlier this year in Libya. The -- been embedded with the 173 airborne while on assignment for Nightline in 2007. Artillery going. And would later use that same footage to make the award winning documentary. -- strapped. Named after a platoon medic killed in battle just one of the 6000. US troops who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. But tonight we ask what about the men who made it home. It's a different kind of expedition this time no sniper fire IED's to worry about. Just the sounds of the Colorado river's rushing waters. It's a program called outward bound for veterans. Designed to help returning warriors come to terms with civilian line. When I was in Afghanistan -- watch people. Literally die for each other. And I come back to a society that. Punks that may -- taking too long to make a right hand turn. For many of these guys surviving the war was the easy part it's life at home that are. I didn't get the feedback I was expecting coming home from people. They just kind of give me blanks there really are wrong. Must -- Then they go back and there -- daily routine eviction. That was tough to adjust it. Their new mission to enjoy the -- Being isolated in this remote canyon. Water all around -- all around you know -- people -- miles. In messages it's awesome. And we don't have to worry about people and -- ready to shoot at us the idea. -- to take soldiers back to the wilderness together. Younger who has partnered with outward bound says the trips help the makes sense of what they've been through. It takes grass and it puts them in some of the most rugged and beautiful parts of America of that country's -- defense. The trips also help reminded then of teamwork and the challenges of the natural -- Giving them a place away from society to bond again a lot of soldiers. Actually miss. The war that they were not that they -- war but they missed being in a small group where they feel so safe and protected by the Brothers and sisters and being with my boys again. It's a great -- To reconnect and all these other guys -- -- such a blast that. We want to make this a regular deal. Raft heading down the river the man once again experience the courage brotherhood in the real sense of power and confidence -- began the long. Began to need. In -- First night I think I -- look at -- nicely last month. And unlike when it was little chilly when mine was clear -- thinking about anything out look at scholars students aren't everything that this is off. The next morning as the sun rises over the mountain tops the men take it all -- the beauty and the glory and -- gift of nature of home. Something worth fighting for after world. God bless him to find out more about -- -- bound for veterans please go to our standing up for heroes page at

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{"id":14937488,"title":"Band of Brothers in the Great Outdoors","duration":"3:00","description":"Veterans who survived serving in Afghanistan start the process of healing.","url":"/Nightline/video/band-brothers-great-outdoors-14937488","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}