Bates Family of 21 Talks New Reality Show

The evangelical family experiences New York City for the first time ahead of new TLC show.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bates Family of 21 Talks New Reality Show
With enough kids to fill the lineup of not one, but two baseball teams, the susized bates family knows a thing or two about dealing with crowds. But wrangling 19 kids in the hills of tennessee is nothing like keeping themming to in the mayhem of times square. Trust me, I was along for the ride. But when they hit the flashy streets of manhattan, they encountered something a little unexpected. I never seen so many people in my life. Reporter: If you think being a tourist in new york city is intimidating -- buildings are huge. Reporter: Imagine doing it with 19 chen in tow. I'll take the stroller right here. Reporter: Riding the subway is nerve wracking. Everybody get ready to get off, okay? Wow. That was a little nervous. I heard stories. This is a bumpy ride. The doors close quickly and so i can just picture in my mind somebody getting left behind. Reporter: Leave no man behind. And the menu can be sticker shocking. Pig in a blanket. 12.95. Must be a big blanket and a big pig. Reporter: As ultra-conservative baptists, they are now the largest family in america. Tied with the duggars, who also happen to be their good friends. The bates feel it is up to god to handle family planning. Wife kelly gave birth to all 19 kids. ♪ As the world ♪ Reporter:23-year-old zach to 6-month-old jeb. At 45, kelly says she could easily have more. You now have 19. Are there more kids down the pipe, so to speak? Are we looking at more bates kids in the future? Whatever the lord gives us, we'd be grateful. Reporter: We've been following the bates for nearly two years, through courtship, two pregnancies and even one of several miscarriages. A few years ago, she began taking hormones. If you don't feel right taking birth control to stop a pregnancy, why is it okay to take medicine to help a pregnancy? Well, for us, that would be like -- that baby is already alive. It is a life. Reporter: The only way gil and kelly bates can afford to raise so many kids is by pinching pennies. While gil runs a modest tree-cutting business with the help of his older sons, kelly has home schooled all their kids. We have some fun for today. Reporter: Which is why, for so many reasons, new york makes their head spin. Wow! Reporter: You have six hotel rooms but you are only using five. Well, yeah, we could get by with three, as nice as they are. But -- Reporter: Why? Well, we hate to waste money. We think -- Reporter: It's not your money. Yeah. Reporter: It's not their money because they are on an all-expense paid tour for their new tlc show. They were up bright and early this morning to visit "good morning america." Who wants to have another baby brother or sister? Unanimous, all right. And raise your hand if would like to live here in new york after you visited. Shocking. Reporter: And yet everywhere they go, in the urban jungle of manhattan, from the statue of liberty -- good to meet you. My wife kelly. Reporter: To times square. BIGGEST TVs I EVER SAW. Reporter: To central park. Thank you. You're welcome. Reporter: There wasn't a jalded neworker to be found in the big, bad apple. Those, they did get their share of double takes. Oh, my gosh. How many kids do you have? Ten girls and nine boys wow. Reporter: But for a family who dresses modestly and who goes swimming in genes or long dresses, the manhattan sun worshippers were shocking. What did you make of the male sunbathers? A few guys out there laying around in the park and they forgot most of their clothes. Look kind of funny to me. Reporter: Did you notice the women? Those five of the adult kids will be in college this fall, they all still live with mom and dad. In this five bedroom home outside knoxville, tennessee. With no internet surfing, no video games and no tv. Ironic, since they now have their own tv show. But the bates say life hasn't changed all that much. I wouldn't say that. We're still just down home country ten see yans that are just struggling like everybody to make family work. Reporter: Just like the rest of us. Only bigger.

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{"id":16964133,"title":"Bates Family of 21 Talks New Reality Show","duration":"3:00","description":"The evangelical family experiences New York City for the first time ahead of new TLC show.","url":"/Nightline/video/bates-family-21-talks-reality-show-16964133","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}