Beach Bummer

Part 1: What to lookout for when booking a vacation online.
7:08 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for Beach Bummer
Could've had a v8. In the juice aisle. Abc's "the lookout" continues. And now, grab your sunscreen, but that's not the only thing you'll need to protect yourself. No, thank you. When it comes to sex on the beach. The beach looks great. Look at the water. It certainly didn't look like what I would consider a tough assignment. Here are the rooms. Not too bad. You're about to leave me again. Just got back from the honeymoon. I hadn't unpacked from my honeymoon, when a day later -- there I was heading for a beach hotel in the dominican republic. Now, last week we advised you to look for places off the beaten path. But we were about to learn it's possible to go a bit too far. When we booked a groupon coupon. Groupon is trusted for its quality discounts and signature get aways. A ten day get away. Two romantic nights at niagara falls. A wine tour in northern italy. Tough to weigh among them was the deal we booked. Two nights in a junior suite at the all-inclusive don juan beach resort. Don juan beach resort. Here we are. As we check in -- I try to make sure I was getting the room I was promised on groupon. Junior suite. Groupon claimed eric and i were getting 44% off on our room. Junior suite for $173 a night. But my other producer, he booked a deluxe room, directly through the hotel for $150 a night. But when we got to our room -- this is dominican republic edition of "cribs." Welcome to our my suite. We paid more that our other friend did. Same bathroom. Same two beds. And then -- id you have the heart on the towels in your bed? Maybe that's what made it a junior suite. We paid more. You got the same view pretty much. Right. I got a sink. My room is a little bit bigger, but it's definitely not a junior -- this is a junior suite. This is junior suite, right. That's what they're saying. Still puzzled, we headed off to the don juan beach front. ♪ the beach is publ, not private, and the vendors are non-stop. Yeah. No, thank you. No, no. No? No. Everybody down here on the beach is selling something. Normally you can whether it's TVs OR PEANUTS OR TOWELS, BUT People are just walking around selling something but they don't have a product. Well, actually they did. You can literally buy sex on the beach here. And I'm not talking about the cocktail. We learned from a young man on the beach who caught my attention. I'm just going to talk to him. Because while it took an hour to check in, within 15 minutes of settling into our lounge chairs, deep into a conversationut having this woman spend quality time with our reporter. Her name is carolina. He says he's her brother. For two days? For one day. For 24 hours? Yeah. Earlier at the front desk, we asked whether we should be worried about prostitution, which is legal in the dominican republic. I read reviews online, they talked about prostitution being a problem in that area. Have you heard of that at all? No. In the streets. She told us about the streets, but didn't mention the sand. Thank you very much. We never did meet up with carolina or her brother. But that night at the hotel fiesta, we observed as some of the hotel guests mingled with the don juan staff. Including this woman. We spotted her handing out the don juan beach towel. But now, after this staff member's wardrobe malfunction -- I guest she was with bought her a drink. She changed her clothes. And they left. Speaking of towels, I could have used a few extra that night, when I turned down my bed covers. Soy just pulled back the comfortable, there's a hair in the bed that's not mine. That's not really what bothers me most, it's this stain on the sheets. That is kind of a problem. As for the sounds from the next room, we can't let you hear all of it, but if we could, this would be the sound track. ♪ all right. It is now 3:00 in the morning. I have very loud neighbors. It's loud outside and because of the state of the mattress, I'm sleeping or trying to sleep in a rather precarious position. I have my feet down by the head board and then instead of using a blanket, I'm trying to cover myself up with some pants that i brought and then sleep anywhere with the comfortable on me. I have two pillows down here and then it leads to where I tried to create a pillow out of the lumpy clothes in my suitcase. So, this is how I'm going to try and sleep for at least a few more hours. You can see why I'm very concerned about being here. I know. The other night, it was like -- I did not get -- there was -- it wasn't just the noise -- right. The music and the loud neighbors, it was like the stain -- I know. I know, I know, I know. It's sad, linsey. Prostitution was hard to get away from. While we were getting shots of the hotel sign on the don juan property, he was approached by this guy. Beautiful lady. He gave him the brushoff. Maybe later. I have no time. Okay. Bad timing. I don't know. But soon, our team would see just how easy it was to get brought into a more dangerous situation here. How much longer?

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{"id":19442620,"title":"Beach Bummer ","duration":"7:08","description":"Part 1: What to lookout for when booking a vacation online.","url":"/Nightline/video/beach-bummer-19442620","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}