Betty White Turns 90

After seven decades of being on camera, the actress is still going strong.
0:38 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Betty White Turns 90
Nightline would like to wish the last surviving golden girl Betty -- a very happy ninetieth birthday tonight one week. Set out to unlock the secrets of one of the longest careers in showbiz she was kind enough to take us to her favorite place. The Los Angeles zoo and an honor for tonight let's go back here's ABC's -- may refer our series on the town. It turns out if you're on the town -- Betty White the only wildlife you'll be seeing this year. At the Los Angeles zoo -- got his back to his pretty looks like he has -- for him to act. She's worked with the LA zoo for four decades as a trustee and fund raiser and all around booster. Here she knows none only the keepers but most of the animals -- there -- billions. Where neighbors from South America these guys out there now and who do you -- where it later -- Another -- Even off the -- she's got that signature Betty White devilish twinkle. -- thing here breeding them and a twinkle Americans have been in love with -- Very long time. -- -- -- Is it like when you're driving for a hearing stop and all -- people want to take your picture home then there. There -- also nice hair look from their young enough to be my grandchildren almost. Well -- -- awards still brought face of the earth and a lot of these people. The kids have grown up with me and their parents have grown up -- and her grandparents -- -- -- -- -- They're on the fixtures. That wasn't it kind of feel good for you know close. And she shows no signs of slowing down I have a bloody sense of humor. I have to Keeneland Mandel editor -- -- and -- -- -- -- off if anything and show opens. But you want to do that you haven't -- I always have one answer for that -- -- Robert Redford. -- you mean you want to star opposite Robert. Not necessarily. It's -- big fat. Works for you -- she's not retiring she says not until the offers stopped coming. After all she has a lot of dependence. On those animals at the LA -- -- and introduced to -- Paper yesterday you didn't you gonna like Kate and now I am in love with taste for. And -- -- -- -- anyway. All they can thank you so much I appreciate you -- -- -- and. You keep going well -- let it get rid of we can't get credit you nor do we want to this is -- may bring for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":15383623,"title":"Betty White Turns 90","duration":"0:38","description":"After seven decades of being on camera, the actress is still going strong.","url":"/Nightline/video/betty-white-turns-90-15383623","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}