Beyonce With Baby on Board

The megastar talks with ABC's Katie Couric about the next chapter in her life.
3:00 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Beyonce With Baby on Board
She's come a long way since her Destiny's Child days but right now Beyonce Knowles could be making the two biggest moves of her life first she's pregnant it doesn't get any bigger than that in life and second. She's reversing the camera to take a director's role in documenting her own work including on a new dvd live at Roseland. Elements of four out now. Tonight she talks with ABC's Katie Couric about all of the -- With mega hits like single lady. At just thirty years old Beyonce has already done at all she's both singer songwriter and actor. Fashion designer and model. But never quite satisfied Beyonce -- stretching herself yet again. She stars and producers and -- -- her latest dvd. Live at Roseland elements of four. Job a new concert film of her performances last summer at the iconic New York. Then you you. Directed this dvd. You produced it needed the choreography. I mean you did everything I did a lack of that was that exciting for you I mean obviously you've had a of a strong hand. In your career I yanked from the get yes but but I think he took ownership of this in a way you'd never had before it's something that. I think I have -- needs for. It is exciting because. I feel like I'm learning things that you know -- completely new to me and it keeps my. My life exciting sometimes little too exciting and stressful if those students -- But home. I'm really interested in getting behind the cameras -- directing and hopefully directing four four -- -- -- have Iraq at all female fans active. Performing with two you don't see that every day in the music industry was that a statement you were making Beyonce -- girl power it was I found all of these incredible women around the games all different ages and I want it every one -- represented not -- -- you know just. Models one -- every woman so everybody felt like they could see themselves on the -- and hopefully can inspire. I grew up in -- group since I was nine with other women and and I think we are the best teachers for -- -- You knew that when she was seen at Roseland she had -- clean up her -- Or more precisely. Under her dress. When -- did this performance. You Wear chest pregnant or just a couple of months per -- right again. And a ten minute do the math later I was definitely pregnant I think I was further along than people think -- in fact he looked amazing but. He did have sort of a little treat pain -- over your belly did anybody have any kind of suspicion that that something was going on because usually we're pretty tight things right there are usually. My waistline is producing steam I don't know -- -- my best to. Give the best performing. -- is now taking a break from performing so she can focus on her latest production. What's the best thing about being pregnant. The best thing that's so exciting because I believe it's what we live for how we live and -- some legacy in installments beginning any. Accomplishment and it's. So exciting. And. We'll tune in tomorrow night for a special 20/20 Beyonce and KD one night only.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The megastar talks with ABC's Katie Couric about the next chapter in her life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15070109","title":"Beyonce With Baby on Board","url":"/Nightline/video/beyonce-baby-board-15070109"}