'Big Baboon House': Monkey's 'Real World'

They fight, they have rampant sex and they pig out, these reality stars are monkeying around.
3:00 | 08/18/12

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Transcript for 'Big Baboon House': Monkey's 'Real World'
-- one. -- a house with cameras cut to fill said house was real housewives of Jersey Shore kids rehab patients step three put whatever happens on TV. And get rich. But just when you thought reality television and exhausted all casting options comes -- spirit from South Africa. The study the kind of primitive behavior that makes gym tan laundry seem like Astro physics. And yet another batch of unlikely stars are more. Do you still have a rodent problem. Well at least maestro -- for your life. We're drug junior -- crazy. But imagine how shot quite it was nerves -- be dealing with this. He's tired of raccoon -- over the garbage cans well count your blessings baby because at least they don't breaking years. -- -- -- And watch your TV. Welcome to Pringle -- South Africa. The kind of place it makes you rethink the definition of test. Coastal town the baboon brought. -- -- -- -- -- Everywhere you look there's another fifty pound monkey with two inch T. An insatiable appetite and the intelligence of a four year old. -- -- on the roof as a behavioral ecologist long fascinated by how these creatures -- -- in the wild. And how they react to all the humans. Moving into their neighborhood. 5050 split. That people really love and say they can't last week that says -- should be and then -- -- and months back -- local baboon loving alone terminated interest in proposition after years of trying to keep them he suggested letting. To gain better understanding and help homeowners cope. So offered a bungalow National Geographic rigged with cameras and microphones and -- most -- reality T children's court. -- -- -- provided all the typical trappings of the genre. Nasty political alliances. -- it's rampant sex. And after production wrapped I got a tour of big bamboo house. And -- think that lingering sense. -- -- And books to. That's exactly. It's -- -- ads in this office. They try to create the appearance of a normal holiday cottage never expecting them to take -- -- -- order pizza. But they want to see how long it would take in the figure out how to -- themselves in human kitchen. They want and it's -- it looks difficult that is what's. Behind it. I didn't list and it will not. Unlike some chimpanzees baboons don't use to us but to set up a number of challenges -- must figure out. Like a vending machine that would dispensed through with the push of the button. Most spent hours trying to eat the machine. Any fruit basket suspended above a trampoline provided some of the best entertainment it. It was a valuable project from a scientific yeah playing well. I sort things that I've never seen before I'm unaware of any project that's actually investigated what happens when the investment house it was like to keep away. We never asked scientists and courage human that the interaction of course we try to eat and mutual so here we have to see things. -- that never happened outside. Is that -- yeah -- -- because of the women get the remote in the house or do you know what -- you improbable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's different nice home -- -- their behavior it's that connection and I feel that it's not to say. I'll never complain about pigeons again after that trip to see more wild animals in visit Nat geo wild dot com.

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{"id":17032919,"title":"'Big Baboon House': Monkey's 'Real World'","duration":"3:00","description":"They fight, they have rampant sex and they pig out, these reality stars are monkeying around.","url":"/Nightline/video/big-baboon-house-monkeys-real-world-17032919","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}