Bizarre Twist in Million-Dollar Mega-Closet Robbery

Self-proclaimed burglar who says he ransacked the luxurious Texas closet claims items he allegedly stole are fakes.
4:38 | 08/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bizarre Twist in Million-Dollar Mega-Closet Robbery
From the annals of stranger than fiction crime stories we have a doozy. It involves a woman who went on television to show off her 3 that you square foot, three story, $1 million closet. And a thief who then robbed the aforementioned which is set. That thief has come forward to publicly complain the contents were actually cheap and fake. And of course this all happened in Texas. Here's ABC's geo Benitez. Welcome to my closet. Reporter: It's on the way to becoming the most famous closet in America. First for what was in it. First floor is just handbags and jewelry. Wow! Reporter: Then for what wasn't in it. To watch someone on film take everything out of your closet -- this is wrong. Reporter: It all began when 52-year-old former beauty queen turned self-made millionaire Teresa Romer decided to build a closet big enough to hold her texas-sized ambition. I've always had this fascination of beautiful closets. My closet is my retreat. Men have their man cave, I look at mine as a she cave. Reporter: Her she cave? A closet that took a full year to build, three floors, 3,000 square feet, and the price tag? Roughly around $500,000. Reporter: Yep, half a million bucks. That's just the closet itself. Bags and shoes and jewelry. How much does the merchandise alone in this closet cost? Probably close to about $2 million. We don't want to say. Reporter: If her husband don't want to see this segment shown on "Good morning America" -- A Texas woman cloeg off her closet -- Reporter: Perhaps someone else did. A week after Romer gave ABC news a tour of her closet this guy broke in. Police say video from inside the home shows a solo burglar entering the three-story mega-closet through a bathroom window on the first floor while Romer and her husband were having dinner at the neighborhood country club. It's unexplainable. Just unexplainable. Reporter: Watch as the intruder enters the 3,000 square foot closet as if a aa shopping spree heading directly for designer handbags, carelessly tossing papers on the floor, at one point climbing shelves to get to the pricey items on the top before leaving with what police say is nearly $1 million worth of merchandise. Including three Hermes travel bags at around $60,000 each, 12 Rolex watches, Chanel and Cartier watches. All this stuff I'll probably never see again. Sad. Sentimental value. Reporter: In a bizarre twist the alleged crook actually contacted Teresa, demanding she pay $500,000 in exchange for the items. It's one thing to be robbed. Now it's another for someone to hold me for ransom for my belongings. Reporter: If she doesn't pay up, he'll let a few skeletons out of the closet, telling the media the items are allegedly fake. Who is this man to tell me I'm a fake? You know, if this crook really knew me and did the research on me, he would know I am as authentic as they come. Reporter: When she doesn't comply, the man claiming to be the thief makes good on his threat. Many of the items that were taken were fake. Reporter: Disguising his voice and using a burner phone to call a Houston press writer. I asked this person, how can they prove they really were the burglar? If you give me your address I will send you samples of items of hers. Reporter: He says he received the items Friday in a simple envelope. It was 10 or 15 pieces of jewelry and a watch. Reporter: He turned that over to the Houston police who say that Romer has now confirmed that some of the contents are indeed hers. But they have no idea yet if they are real or what the thief's motives may be. We'll have to find out when we get the suspect information, whether it was from the television show that tipped off the individual that committed the crime or if it was an inside job. Reporter: Romer attesting the thief's clays have no weight. Who is a crook to determine what is real, what is fake? Reporter: She is confident that the thief will be caught. He thinks he's smart. But the prison is full of smart people. Sooner or later, they mess up. Reporter: If he is caught and convicted, one thing seems certain, his jail cell will be much smaller than her closet. For "Nightline," I'm geo Benitez in New York.

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{"id":25032294,"title":"Bizarre Twist in Million-Dollar Mega-Closet Robbery","duration":"4:38","description":"Self-proclaimed burglar who says he ransacked the luxurious Texas closet claims items he allegedly stole are fakes.","url":"/Nightline/video/bizarre-twist-million-dollar-mega-closet-robbery-25032294","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}