Book Wisely

Part 2: Insiders guide to prevent a vacation nightmare.
5:03 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for Book Wisely
It's our second day in beautiful dominican republic and here at the don juan beach resort, my team and I are investigating the travel deal we purchased through groupon. We already ran into some issues -- first the room. Then the dreaded stain. That is kind of a problem. And of course the persistent salespeople. Beautiful lady. But here on the beach, things are about to take a more serious turn, when eric is approached by this man. He tried to sell me -- he said I also have girls here, too. He offered that? He offered girls, yeah. Straight off the bat. He wouldn't give me a cost because it's based on the girl. I think the two of you shoul go down there and find out what it costs. L on, I had come to regret that suggestion. What's your name? A' beto. It took them a few minutes to realize they were being taken away from the hotel. They left everything back on the beach. Food, money. Can we bring the girls back to the hotel? Is that going to give us problem in the hotel? No problem. How much longer? What? And then -- not sure what to expect. They're led into this very darkroom, what looked like a bar. And within seconds, young women 11 of them, file out. They were very uncomfortable, make a exit. This man escorted them back. Back on the beach, I was starting to get nervous. It had been almost an hour when I finally spot them on my flip cam. What happened? It was kind of scary. Later, we talk about how easily they ended up in such a dangerous situation. It was dark, shady -- it was very, very -- it was bizarre. That's the crazy thing. Someone does offer you -- you don't think your going to be -- it was pretty wild. It was the underbelly. The solicits didn't stop. That afternoon, I was approached by another broker, maria, a 20-year veteran. She told me the don juan beach was her office. How long have you been doing this? This? She tells us it's easy to sneak guests into the room without one of these yellow hotel bracelets many tch don juan uses them to identify guests and keep visitors out. The next morning, we talked about what we had seen and heard with the manager. I'm linsey davis. How are you? First of all, what was up with our room rezer vase. We booked through groupon, and our room ended up being more expensive than our friend who booked through you. It said we also had a junior suite, but we all seem to have the same rooms. I'm just wondering, is that your responsibility? Is that something we should take up with groupon? I really have no answer. We have to look into it. He tells us space was limited at the resort and said he would gladly compensate us on our next visit. When we contacted groupon they noted travel prices fluctuate dramatically and they're always adjusting them. We said how do they deal with the prostitutes. It shows a very relaxing beach in the brochure, but there were people coming, vendors coming and selling all the time. Including, you know, for prostitutes. We do have to -- you can't stop people from selling? We don't allow brokers. When asked about how they pick their hotels, groupon replayed they rely on customer feed back. In the case of the don juan, 20 other customers have all complains all of whom were refunded and they removed the hotel from their site. So a really important take away here, before you book any hotel, do your homework. Don't assume the site you're using has done it for you. And know as much as you can about where you're going. It may not be what you bargained

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{"id":19442663,"title":"Book Wisely ","duration":"5:03","description":"Part 2: Insiders guide to prevent a vacation nightmare. ","url":"/Nightline/video/book-wisely-19442663","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}