Boy Preacher Just Answering God's Will

An 11-year-old boy delivers astounding biblical sermons to his faithful flock.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Boy Preacher Just Answering God's Will
It's been said that wisdom comes from the mouths of babes but what about eternal salvation? In an age when many kids are more interested in computer games than spiritual guidance, one 11-year-old has already become an ordained minister with a faithful crowd of followers. And he's not alone, he's just part of a controversial world of preaching kids. Abc's dan harris brings us a look inside his unusual life. Somebody shout glory! Halleluj Reporter: He may not even be in the sixth grade and his voice may not have broken yet. With the holy ghost, you got to pray! Reporter: But grown men and women -- amen -- Reporter: Kneel down before ezekiel stoddard as a prophet. Hallelujah! Reporter: When did you know you wanted to be a preacher? When I was 7. God had a dream and he wanted me to do his will. Reporter: You're a very confident 11-year-old. Yes, sir. Lord, use her right now. Hallelujah. Use her right now. Reporter: And of healing. Heal him, lord, heal him in the name of jesus, lord, we thank you for healing right now. Reporter: Meaning if you put your hand on them and they're sick, you can heal them? By the pow of god, yes. It's all about anointing. Anointing means that you're gifted and root ared in christ and his presence is all over you. Reporter: Even though he can barely see over the pulpit, ezekiel preaches in a family church and churches around america. What is yours today, the bible, jesus or staying home and watches tv? Reporter: Just a few months ago his mom andtepdad had ezekiel officially ordained as a minister, which has made him increasingly famous and controversial. Some people said it's inappropriate for an 11-year-old to be ordained. The calling is between god and that individual. Reporter: You're not married, at least that I know of. You don't have a house that you Can't drive a car. Do you think sometimes you can't really address the spiritual needs of the people in your audience. Well, some of them, they take it that way, you're still a kid, stay in your place. Reporter: How does that make you feel? More determined to stay in christ. Reporter: On youtube, you'll see an explosion of child preachers. Howdy neighbor, may the lord bless you. Reporter: Child preachers have actually been around for a while, though, they have long been controversial. Marjoe gortner created in the 70s A LEGACY. But he said it was a whole money making thing. It is true in ezekiel's case his parents are making money off of preaching, as well as the gospel act that he and his siblings have put together. ♪ Reporter: People in my audience will look at you and say this child is really being pushed by his parents. This isn't something he wants to do. It's his parents. What do you say to them? I say that is, by far, wrong, this is something that god called me to do, this is something that god wants me to do and this is something that i want to do. Reporter: So it has nothing to do with the eagerness of your parents, it's something entirely from you. That I want to do. I don't have to push ezekiel into preaching the word of god. Reporter: If he came to you tomorrow and said I'm done with preaching. Okay. Reporter: It would be fine? It would be fine with me, but he'd still be taught the word of god. Reporter: Ezekiel's parents say they give him a lot of time to do things kid, play tennis and go to the pet store. Although bible quiz can happen anytime. They show me the strength. They shall look and they should look and not be heard. Reporter: Do you ever get tempted to do bad things? You know, the devil tries to step in. He tries to ruin things. He tries to kill and ruin and destroy. With the knowledge of god and the righteousness and god, I can stick close to god and fight this battle. Reporter: Where ezekiel's prepubescent precociousness can get him in trouble is with a lot of people his age. A lot of people will say, what happened to you, are you still ezekiel in there, are you still zeke in there? I say, yes I am, but I'm different in my spirit. Reporter: Have you ever been bullied. A couple times in elementary school. Reporter: What do kids say to you? You're a punk. A loser, you're weird, freaky, stuff like that. Reporter: How did you deal with that? Go about my way. Reporter: Ignore them? Ignore them. Reporter: In fact, the bullying got so bad his mom pulled hill out of school and started home schooling him. This may be a lonely road at times as ezekiel are himself said from the pulpit, being a christian is never either. If you are eye strong christian, you can put on the breast plate of righteousness. The whole and full of god. Reporter: Do you ever look at other ledge-year-olds and say, i wish I can do what they do? Not really. God will bless me for it. No matter what happens, no matter what you're going through, just remember, god is in control. Amen. Reporter: For "nightline," this is dan harris in capital heights, maryland.

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{"id":17024432,"title":"Boy Preacher Just Answering God's Will","duration":"3:00","description":"An 11-year-old boy delivers astounding biblical sermons to his faithful flock.","url":"/Nightline/video/boy-preacher-answering-gods-17024432","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}