It's a Boy! William, Kate Welcome Royal Baby

Cheers rang out across London as people celebrated the arrival of the new little prince.
7:59 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for It's a Boy! William, Kate Welcome Royal Baby
It's a boy it was expected to be a baby announcement like no other steeped in centuries old British royal traditions. But jealously guarded secret released via a -- Driven from hospital to a palace framed and placed on a royal easel and only event displayed for the world to see. But this time in 2013. The celebratory announcement that -- the duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a healthy baby boy came. -- -- with all the pomp and formalities coming shortly thereafter. ABC's llama Hasan was there. The waiting is over it's boy. A future king eight pounds and six ounces sent to beat Britain's 43 -- for it. A nation rejoices. O'Brien good. As soon as the announcement was made. -- -- -- of the pan searing and has been hearing. And it today now the -- has been placed on the cool cool -- a Buckingham Palace and everywhere I turn it's either -- and people are singing god save the queen. Others are singing happy birthday. Everyone here is six plastic carrying either a glass of champagne while holding their cellphones highs -- -- this momentous occasion. Famous London landmarks were playing in the news fountains turn blue. You father let it be known and it quotes we could not be happier and the prime minister spoke for the country -- -- wanted to. Loving couple. We've got a brand new baby -- The president and the First Lady also wished them all the happiness of parents -- and quotes. The American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince. In keeping with tradition the news was displayed in a bulletin posted in the full force of Buckingham Palace. The crowds rushed to see for themselves but in a break with tradition a statement was first released to the press. On the hottest day of the year the anticipation had reached a fever pitch the duchess of Cambridge gave birth at 424. In the often news. They kept it under wraps for four hours here at the -- wing of London's Saint Mary's hospital. More than -- -- -- as it was previously pool. In the very same suite that Diana princess of Wales gave birth to -- and 31 years ago. And oil baby you'll be known as the prince of Cambridge will be third in line to the throat. It's the first time since the days of Queen Victoria. When there will be three direct says -- live at the same time as the moment. To the have a nine year. I think even in should be AEA may -- -- -- ballet. Just around on this morning the duchess of Cambridge old miss under the watchful Clara the world needs yet. On foot up William and Kate the -- coming forward Kate Middleton these who've been -- out for days. Fearful of being worn out justice they weren't 1982. When Diana was -- given the -- due date to throw the mall. -- to be nothing old grand and timing often to see not C a photographer as -- as. People signing up that just thinking on that I'm not likely to guys relate as well I think she I think she got smuggled in by some sort of don't -- -- She said he came in through a back entrance 24 hours ago just before 6 AM arriving by car and -- a thunderstorm. The baby was delivered by this mad doctor Marcus -- the queen's gynecologists -- last. The couple attended prenatal classes from renowned teacher Christine hill. Who described Kate as quote Tim -- -- and renounce that. William will do the right stuff on the day. -- -- had been busy as well. This seriously -- -- -- -- sixteen markets abandonment and the big ones all the dates when the baby would arrive and the name and identity they're gonna go with something like. Kate and sold in north most were besting that it would be at girl is on as the current favorite but Charlotte's been very busy in the last few days an -- seeing Diana. -- -- Just need authority to rule booted because it pit bulls Kate and wills could well. -- you doing business in new Gloucester patrols. Again. -- this renegades uncle Harry to a distant fourth in mind to the -- a role it seems he's. Been practicing for -- I'm -- -- the classic -- native somebody's friend but doesn't really have to take any real responsibility. -- -- wanting to take you Latin that you traveling about forty initial of that you know when not child has to take its fast precious that since the wallet tonight -- Prince Harry will be that every step of the way not be helpful -- he has. Meantime another boil -- rival. Prince Charles -- at how proud he wants to be a -- father -- -- would say so -- and get the new baby. Parent well the Finnish government full that he provided -- standard maternity package that all -- mother's debts. Complete diapers clothes. And Condo -- for 20000 dollars. -- by at least ninety karat gold bracelet that has wait for rent and see creme holder referred diaper rash. Oldest of course we'll -- and apple launch of royal baby souvenirs up to fourteen million are expected to be sold so welcome weeks fact. We decided to consult an experts for the lost thirty years Margaret Tyler has amassed over 101000. Pieces of royal memorabilia. Turning her house and to a royal shrine. Come on -- I want to show you my new baby things I am beyond excitement that this baby. Margaret is out to clear space just maybe Cambridge. And mrs. copy of the royal christening dress as it and the exact culprit yes that's how Prince William was christened in addressed night so that is a -- -- that is Prince William -- Until May -- Cambridge will presumably be wearing yes I would think it doesn't. Eating at a bit freaking AT. And now used to -- my guess. I wake up in the not causing -- all night now I have to just forget the news on. William -- getting much sleep either let people get two weeks paternity. Before turning back debates. He works as of -- Apple's press people. William was buying his wife's side the whole time but he was seeing here loss week -- -- -- attacks -- polo match with his brother possibly getting some all the any advice in the -- So I knew knows the impact of a little one in the world household -- -- to Jackson former secretary to Diana. It is a job of -- the people who are there to support. William and Kate and maybe Cambridge. For them this is a professional child there's going to be a lot of personal sentimental interest to serve. Pretty exhausting days -- we have -- -- -- -- movement and the same time they're going to be sharing. Excitement was very -- it. Severe morning sickness hospitalized the duchess -- December forcing the couple to reveal the pregnancy earlier than they -- Once the cat was out of the bag of world lenses lower their focus from -- soda engagement was to launch this ship. -- month before attending the queen's official birthday celebration. Tonight -- you great grandmother is asleep behind me at Buckingham Palace one of the future residents of that you friends but they'll have to wait awhile. Both mother avenue prints are set to be doing well and hope that he. Getting some rest too.

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{"id":19743350,"title":"It's a Boy! William, Kate Welcome Royal Baby","duration":"7:59","description":"Cheers rang out across London as people celebrated the arrival of the new little prince.","url":"/Nightline/video/boy-william-kate-royal-baby-19743350","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}