Brad Goreski: Superstar Stylist

Fashion guru helps the likes of Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and Mika Kelly get their signature style.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Brad Goreski: Superstar Stylist
They seem so flawless on the red carpet, but all those hollywood actresses, all that glamour, isn't just good genes and lots of cash. They also have a secret weapon, a stylist behind the scenes to make sure they're not fashion police fodder. And there's one man many in tinseltown have on speed dial. Grad gor ske skogoreski who now has his own reality show. Abc's paul la faris got a first-land look at whappens before the cameras flash. Reporter: It is the night of fashion's super bowl. The met ball. And jessica alba is putting the finishing touches on her red carpet outfit. I look it better. Those are really cool. Reporter: Countless accessories are being considered. Super beautiful. Reporter: Some hits -- oh. Obsessed with that. That's really nice. Reporter: Others, well -- this is going to come out and be all crusted diamonds. That's intense. Reporter: But on this night, alba has a secret weapon. I love it. All hand sown little hearts. Reporter: Brad goreski, stylist to the stars. He's done the hard work. I get to just put it on and have fun. Reporter: In an hour, a swarm of photographers are capturing each fashion choice brad's made for jessica, from the dress to the earrings to the handbag. And by morning, hundreds of fashion and celebrity blogs will ju scrutinize those habits. It'scrazy, the amount of power that celebrities have. In helping to sell product. If they get photographed with a certain handbag, you can bet that the handbag will probably run everywhere and stuff will sell out. I've had it happen to me where I've selected jewelry for a client and had somebody call me and be like, we actually sold four of the pieces, I'm like, who guys, like, $175,000 necklace? Reporter: Much like a hollywood agent or manager, a stylist can change the course of a star's career. As joe z, creator director of "el" magazine, sees today. It helps the celebrities shape their dislikes or likes. If you see someone in a specific pair of jeans, that didn't happen by accident. The reality is, there are cameras wherever and the internet really changed the game. Reporter: Mila kunis was transform ed to a red carpet darling who snagged a dior endorsement deal, thanks in large part to her stylist. When lady gaga beeched up her edgy image and became an international fashion icon, her sty stylist was the wizard behind the curtain. And angelina's famous protruding leg? Stylist jennifer raid picked out the precarious hem line it emerged from. I can guarantee you that any time there's a red carpet, especially big marquee events like the oscars, the met, the grammys, the 'em emmys, every celebrity has consulted a stylist. It isn't just putting on a dress and liking it, it's, who has worn it previously? I miss those cher moments so bad. You have the occasional cook like helena bonham carter. But I think 99.7% of us are acting safe. Reporter: Brad's power as a stylist has made him a star in his own right. He has his own reality show on bravo and is currently touring the country to promote his book, "born to be brad." Big fan. Thank you so much. Reporter: Celebs ever feel threatened bill your celebrity? No, because I'm a dork. Reporter: He isn't just alba's secret weapon. He's working with minka kelly, demi moore and rashida jones. And he's there in their most vulnerable doe membership. Their dressing room. I want my clients to trust me. They are naked in front of you. They are naked in front of you when they are skinny or bloated off of a plane. They are pregnant in front of you. Reporter: You're part stylist and part shrink. I would more pitch myself as best girlfriend/gay best friend. Reporter: Stylists are everywhere these days. There are books devoted to their craft and reality competitions seeking the industry's next big thing. Go, go, go. Report You can do anything. Reporter: The biggest superstar stylist of them all, brad's old boss, rachel zoe. Oh, god, oh, god, ohh god. Reporter: Her tv show is now shooting its fifth season. She has a qvc line and a high fashion label of her own. The price tag for her services? A reported $10,000 day. No. Reporter: As for brad, he's reaching major fashion heights of his own while occasionally being brought down to size by those pesky fashion police at "us weekly." I've been on it a couple of times. I went to visit my grandmother in the nursing home and on her wall, she had a photo of me on the worst dressed. Grandma, you do realize that cture you have is them saying I look terrible, right? She's look, I think you look cute. Reporter: Back in new york, it wasn't just grandmartha approved of his work on alba. It was my favorite moment ever. Looks like a shot from "vogue" FROM THE LATE 1970s. It's exactly the moment we were going for. Reporter: It was a grand slam. Kind of, yeah. Yeah. It was a great night. Reporter: For "nightline," I'm paula faris in new york.

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{"id":17016768,"title":"Brad Goreski: Superstar Stylist","duration":"3:00","description":"Fashion guru helps the likes of Demi Moore, Jessica Alba and Mika Kelly get their signature style.","url":"/Nightline/video/brad-goreski-superstar-stylist-17016768","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}