Brad Paisley's Heroes

Explosive country music star talks about fame, hosting the CMAs and love.
3:00 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Brad Paisley's Heroes
Is he kind of star who can sell -- venues built a host professional sports -- -- in his own personal airplane whose log cabin. Runs about 6500 square feet but anyone who's ever met Brad Paisley can attest. If you didn't know you wouldn't know he's good people as Andrea canning. Funds on our series on the town. Nall. He's had twenty number one hits. Won three grammys. And is married to movie star -- -- you might call Brad Paisley the anti celebrity. Even sings about the pitfalls of fame in his song celebrity. I don't understand necessarily why someone would just -- things because. The -- part of things is. Only really useful when it comes to restaurant reservation. This is EMI publishing where I had my first publishing deal right here. He certainly has had no problem getting reservations -- in Nashville where he got his first big break with his hit single who needs pictures. And the first time he heard -- himself in the car. He said Palin at a new guy. And here at about ten minutes ago just left -- -- and a car read. Let's hear that some already over the first time about it it -- As crazy as ruining. In his new book diary of a player this country music star claims he cares more about being loyal and making people laugh than money and -- But is that really possible. He says he steers clear those comments -- -- troubles when he can help that. I got pulled over. The other day four suspected. Funny because I don't what you're -- and they're zine -- honor something leaving the car and had -- none at all yeah I had two kids in the backseat. -- that'll do it we've been to get ice cream. And my kids is greatest thing that's ever happened. We rented a house we got home time anybody that day at Reston. But he doesn't ever drink or smoke is only -- involves six strains I don't have. You know overcoming addiction story. -- -- guitar itself. And I -- overcome that. Paisley says he owes his ground into his grandfather who gave him his first guitar at age -- He said. You can play this instrument and three -- four hours later not remember what -- upset about and that's all he wanted he didn't care I was ever you know successful he wanted me to be. Happy. And he's a player who entertained over a million people on his tour this year. But getting here wasn't easy struggling to make it he almost put a few times and -- at this local college -- things didn't exactly go so well. So this is worried here -- say guitar this is where. Yes he's -- -- about Tower Records. For -- Possibly -- your GPA can be and still graduate. Of course we now know Paisley is an ace on the guitar but it did take awhile for him to -- love. This song writer couldn't have scripted a better love story than his own. It's straight from more romantic comedy and ironically it all started with the movie father of the bride. After -- -- first love broke his heart he couldn't move on so he went back to the same feeder to see this sequel of their favorite movie hoping she would be there. And some friends of mine talk me into going to see the movie on this the anniversary when we -- see it myself -- myself. And if it's meant to be -- be there did you feel like a -- -- -- lose her yet. And I still do but. That doesn't do that but I I basically did that I've debated on whether to get flowers I was so convinced by -- that. She was gonna think of it. She never came and that's when fate intervenes it was the movie's leading lady Kimberly Williams who we want it. So he devised a plan. I used the idea of a reporter music video thing if she'll do it and let all the guys do it if it isn't it. -- -- be careful these casting call this as sort of the new bachelorette -- His idea works Kimberly started his video on the -- miss her she soon after they got married and now have two sons. Next Wednesday Paisley will host the country music awards for the fourth time with the other woman in his life Carrie Underwood. And no hot topic is -- -- limit seeing. Attack OS CE. This year he gave us a hint about who could be -- target with the headlines issue. Well there's -- junior. Today Paisley is helping and inspiring the next generation of artists. He co wrote what if she is -- new artists renting Anderson. This is you take this honor yeah. The consummate guitar man he can't help but make sure this fresh talent as -- very vast experience attacks. Yeah for Nightline I'm injury canning in Nashville. All -- would be proud the 45 CMA awards co hosted by Brad Paisley. Will air live next Wednesday November -- -- thanks Andrea for that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Explosive country music star talks about fame, hosting the CMAs and love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14862822","title":"Brad Paisley's Heroes","url":"/Nightline/video/brad-paisley-music-heroes-14862822"}