Bradley Cooper's Unusual Career Path

From "The Hangover," to the "Sexiest Man Alive," to getting Oscar buzz, Cooper has come around.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Bradley Cooper's Unusual Career Path
Seems a poetic I suppose that a guy who started acting with a tiny bit part on Sex and the City should end up being sexiest man alive. It took an epic hangover in between to -- Bradley Cooper. Into the -- list and that he's there he's anxious to bust the typecasting mold prove his chops and here's ABC's Chris Connelly. But the Nightline interview. Odds are you know Bradley Cooper from his work in such. And the hangover one in two. Old age. They he's got to control for me hang over was sort of a huge shift. In terms of being able being recognized more and having more opportunity but but the truth is -- it's -- such -- sort of slow incremental growth for me. In this business. Because while you can see Cooper now a magazine covers -- squire a stunning actresses in the tabloids. Or promoting his movies in French Mosul what labels who has their local -- -- -- -- this sort of a stockbroker raised with his sister outside Philadelphia. Didn't act until his years at Georgetown. -- wasn't ticketed for the -- I have never walked through my life having to deal with just -- -- looking -- -- was not the handsome. Do they mean a lot of the feedback was you know rather what a nice guy who's just yet no -- just -- -- edge and that was really bummed out by that. In -- at the Bradley Cooper way back machine to 2002. Did he'll find his first Hollywood roles alongside Jennifer Garner as Sydney in -- classes -- an actress human. That's been real tip and will -- available so over it not winning was on there -- -- the -- Back then Cooper would check out those newfangled alias message boards even now he hasn't forgotten what they were saying. Who is this guy. He needs to take a shower and god please don't -- in the lineup for them. I'm rose. Might next thing you know of the New York Times there's an article about the impact of message boards and sites I can do is be -- -- character literally thought. The world is -- at. Can -- that -- somebody say let's be positive let's have a good ending to the story now a decade later at 37 he's going deep. Sales -- bingo dancing thing. That's it's -- pain. And actually called the restraining order my fame. Starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in what could be career altering rules for the vote in David -- Russell's silver linings playbook. It's a part he says he nearly spurred them from Philly I'm Italian and Irish I'm a huge Eagles fan and -- -- parents are like my parents many ways and and but I thought -- on the right for us despite all the parallels get online I really and I think it was fear. And good -- I've never really cried on film -- never had to do that he does that and a lot more as straight out of the asylum pat all too eager to win back his wife. Ended joust with his father played by Robert De Niro she's gone she's not around anymore -- left the films being buzzed about for end of the year awards such. But to some -- -- already enjoyed the ultimate -- While shooting the movie he was named people magazine's sexiest men alive by remember when I got the car was in the trailer we -- in between shots. And I really did think it was a joke and I thought of people -- like that. You are the only sexism alive and it. Whose selection was ever -- the -- and -- -- and sat outside -- -- -- -- brutal as brutal blow to say the key features of -- -- has the the -- dancers out of its winding down taxi petitioned by itself to see if I can. If -- it usually there's a cut -- I wanted to make it two years a two year -- solving. Yet like Bloomberg I think -- makes everybody else feel better than -- that this guy is the sexiest man and I'm doing pretty well his unexpected stature. In this unlikely career as an even more improbable origins. A female student at his high school whom he vowed somehow to follow. To Georgetown. They had the yearbook where they would say where everybody was -- and you know like eighteen dots -- and Georgetown University. Well that sounds right but he was rejected. A year later he tried again and got him I ran downstairs -- my father was so happy. It was a huge thing. There was a huge lesson don't give up his time there would lead him to his life's ambition that tactic from terrorism you don't know anything about -- OK dad -- right. And eventually. To a blessing of sorts from his once skeptical father. Who died last year when he so. My thesis I still remember it which was the open man afterwards she shared a hug means crying -- was like you gotta you gotta do this -- You know I saw the switch. What's there was -- Yeah it was amazing. That was. It was incredible thing I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":17676911,"title":"Bradley Cooper's Unusual Career Path","duration":"3:00","description":"From \"The Hangover,\" to the \"Sexiest Man Alive,\" to getting Oscar buzz, Cooper has come around.","url":"/Nightline/video/bradley-coopers-unusual-career-path-17676911","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}