Break Food Addictions in 28 Days?

One woman tries Dr. Mike Dow's "Diet Rehab" to shed the pounds.
3:00 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Break Food Addictions in 28 Days?
The number one resolution on many people's lives losing weight. Is big business in the US Americans spent a -- -- 62 billion dollars last year on weight loss programs and health club memberships. Tonight a Doctor Who says we may be spending our money in the wrong way is -- he says. Can be is addictive as heroin. Is so we put his took eight days solution to the tester in the hardest time of the year the holidays. -- the mother who's just. Britain's -- here's ABC's juju Chang. When I look at myself when I look at my body. Not happy and I wanna be big anymore. I don't want to feel uncomfortable in my bones can't -- Hamas weighs 242. Pounds and says she's an addict a food addict. Mind police selfless act like I abusive. In one day she needed an entire box of pasta. A typical meal involves huge portions of white rice and beans. -- stuff that's still hungry car and three years. And she's constantly snacking. What kinds of foods we do mindlessly and -- hips back and I -- me that would sit there and now I don't realize LE a whole bat the former plus size model gained sixty pounds of baby weight with the birth of her sons a year. -- -- -- -- Hey at thirty -- says she began to -- she was eating herself to death. What was the motivation for you to go on this diet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want. Political without mother. Now after a lifetime of failed diets -- -- says she's ready to try a different approach. By putting her brain on a diet it's called diet rehab developed by doctor Mike Dow and it's designed to break food addictions in just 28 days. -- will kill you faster. But food addiction is killing. A lot more people -- country but -- an addicted to food for 102030. Years how can you possibly cure -- 120 day. You really have to have them fill. They're brain with a serotonin and don't mean that they need 28 days a sort of -- gold standard treatment takes about a month form habit and human brain. Doctor Dow and addiction specialist has agreed to work with Colombia face to face. The diet rehab Begin. The Dow goes through Colombia's -- identifying all those foods high in fat sugar and processed car -- It's about eight. Hundred calories acting and I got the white rice -- -- -- white flour mayonnaise. Seafood Brian -- that we need to achieve -- you -- -- Scalia hopes to lose ten pounds in 28 days by replacing her addictive foods with what doctor Mike calls -- -- foods which produced the same feel good chemicals in the brain. -- -- -- Greek -- and so what do you replace the Ding Dong and the potato chip with -- -- -- have two things going on. They keep you very satisfied and stomach the end they actually -- you sort of small steady amounts of these brain chemicals week one -- you always have -- Add one -- -- -- one booster activity per day for -- swaps are regular cost of the whole grain costs and veggie. Fumes if -- And that sort walks to her -- -- routine. And tighten up boosted them I wasn't hungry I didn't go back perspective -- my it can be. Do this week to eat as you work but had to booster foods and to boost activities. Police -- more fresh fruits and salads and his diet. My practice site. -- and home. These kids something to happen. So today. But as week to nears its end -- -- hits a stumbling block I had a very bad day. And -- didn't follow the diet. The ninth to ten has been. -- Eighteen. Days to. Week three. This the hard part where we start eliminating her addictive foods just three servings a day and increase -- activities to three -- day. So -- points to rule by local culture amstel are. To pick up the field -- but she can't deny she's missing her old friends while many genes. And -- and warnings although she still missing her fatty foods doctor Mike says after time her brain will crave the new. Healthier diet. So you're actually playing -- Brain chemistry yet I -- diary have is actually -- to balance your serotonin -- dope and levels because. Food is giving us those -- chemicals food addicts are really hungry for sugar and candy the -- action hungry for peace and happiness. We support cut fact her addictive foods even more just to serving today. And fourth booster activity. -- Korea decides it's time to join a gym. For finish line has one major obstacle in the way. The Christmas holiday full of tasty treats for the fat sugar. My -- okay. If I met. Just fortunate that I -- -- powers through and 28 days later she's ready to step on that scale. Aren't anxious because I don't know if that's alaskans -- I dozed -- a non Indians say. -- me. -- not quite but almost to her goal and more importantly she successfully changed to lifestyle described the new year. I'm really really paying attention to what I eat now I'd love Brussels sprouts now this -- is and that -- the eight days ago while she may have broken her addiction to unhealthy food Leah knows the temptations will always be -- We're Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York --

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{"id":15302241,"title":"Break Food Addictions in 28 Days?","duration":"3:00","description":"One woman tries Dr. Mike Dow's \"Diet Rehab\" to shed the pounds.","url":"/Nightline/video/break-food-addictions-28-days-15302241","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}