Britain's Beloved Christmas Pudding

ABC's Nick Watt unravels the mystery of his homeland's most loved fruit cake.
3:00 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Britain's Beloved Christmas Pudding
-- shopping days left till Christmas box you still have a good two weeks of fruitcake jokes in others. Only one that people keep passing around or. If I -- -- not also can moves that would invited the in laws it's -- one. -- -- -- holiday punch line food it seems like we've got nothing on our friends across the pond with the English enjoy some sort of bizarre putting. Complete with how Jim blitz. ABC's nick -- investigate -- -- -- The Christmas but it has been year old British tables for centuries even to -- Christmas Carol. Like the best -- -- invite him. Christmas but it is basically -- sloppy. -- -- -- Can quickly put ahead of another news in Christmas -- -- some fat from McCain and his kidneys -- -- And that's really horrible school but this is what makes this such an incredible to see you mix it up weeks or -- -- advance. And it that you hours and we wish you keep openings for a year you for two years. This so one opening New Yorkers are your Warren Dresser. Christmas morning putting -- long and slow in what looked like old underpants and -- Can't get enough. And -- -- in Mason -- queen. While the shelves sixty bucks a but strangely terrorism and much of an export market other nationalities. Don't really. Get that BO. I mean brits have invented and exported to television steam engine and -- and -- Jackson didn't plant growth world wide web and of course in happen. But no one seems to like Christmas but -- But -- -- most people who doesn't come from Britain think it is something which is. Immensely happy and in -- what kind of Campbell. American suspicion can be traced all the way back to the very least -- Christmas but he was done by the puritans because it is considered the invention of the sky tour -- on which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fruits armaments. And -- -- supposed. That's the Nightline producer in London he makes his -- -- adaptation of that nice Babylonian -- recipe. See that -- Christmas if I agree with -- -- Christmas but we both grew up -- -- be -- this and we were kids but you have to grow up with this -- And you acquire a taste we're gonna take -- putting. Up into Central London and find some foreigners and forced to -- We had some language issues for -- -- and Christmas at home and some blatantly fabricated excuses you're -- -- every coroner who actually tried it. Who who thank you very much -- loved it and ultimate test and -- Much better than -- Skewed. And -- cinnamon do whatever you like to. Just try this -- -- it should be putting the. And TV who. A seems prescription may -- -- Friend of mine has the morning up -- Christmas we fry the left of reporting in -- pan. With Randy but it doesn't get much more on -- they. It doesn't get much back. And it will not month. In them.

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{"id":15176304,"title":"Britain's Beloved Christmas Pudding","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Nick Watt unravels the mystery of his homeland's most loved fruit cake.","url":"/Nightline/video/britains-beloved-christmas-pudding-15176304","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}