'Bro-tox': More Men Get Botox

More men are tweaking their appearance in hopes of looking younger.
3:00 | 01/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bro-tox': More Men Get Botox
It is known as Botox. Botox injections for men and for millions of patients. It's a fall back weapon in the battle against the lines of age the reasons men do it range from the usual in this in vanity. To hopes are looking better will deliver a professional edge and increasingly there's one more reason. The wife is -- here's ABC's Andrea canning. 38 year old mark isn't exactly a metro sexual I do -- Industrial type work get dirty and stuff like that -- -- on -- -- old cars and things of that nature he asked his wife Julie for a -- for Christmas. But what he opened his -- on Christmas morning. There was a little known opposite Botox on it was a little -- it's just not anything that I never thought I would. I would do for myself I was told myself and girl's interest -- And Botox might not sound like the most romantic gift Julie thought it was one he might appreciates. I think mark looks great. But he did mention making. Notice he looked a little bit older we're looking at old pictures and I looked at this picture I said man enraged over the last couple of years since we just had this baby pretty amusing. It didn't take long to convince him. -- through her forehead. Yeah it's tight as a drum I think I laughed a little bit and then censure -- what's the connection. Can you smile forming -- And when I look at -- what I think six out most to me. I close the mark is one -- a half dozen men that doctor Anthony use that came to his practice this holiday season. Bearing gift certificates for Botox or -- -- that's right we're Botox Botox for male patients. It's part of -- rising trend. Every year I see more more men were getting broke tots as a Christmas yet I pay gap 46. In my -- -- People -- normally used for Christmas com. Did you -- -- right here would lose itself but here's that appears don't -- -- any -- And -- the commitment to last year over 300000. Men underwent borrowed cots injections and this is up 10% from the year before. And it's not just broke talks won an eight plastic surgeries is now performed on a male patient. For 2010 to 2011. Eyelid surgery sky -- 15%. Baseless among men have increased 14%. And liposuction. Rose 7%. Distort competition our society for a looks and. You know better looking men get paid more and they hit the prettier girls it was terrific he looked more like -- dad every day. 59 year old David Cole Pepper noticed his skin was sagging after he lost a significant amount of weight so he consulted a plastic surgeon. I had a facelift and -- chin implant and he says it's paid off -- I see myself now. OK look good feels good. His wife Cindy couldn't agree more. Oh he's so handsome. He he always had this beautiful smile and now with his new job line he's extremely handsome. -- That's -- 52 year old Ed Smith was out of work and had two procedures performed two years ago because he -- looking better looking younger would help -- get a job. I know people who -- -- -- done under people who died here you know it's been a fortune on wardrobe. The investors -- -- -- winner over temple. And he believes he was right to wait. I can't. Policeman -- have to kill myself. Some of them -- my resonate he called me about twelve hours later I think you got the job. As for mark the 38 year old from Detroit this is how you look now before your -- Now with a little angry talking got a couple hoax he -- his injections and a few days later he says it's crow's feet were already less noticeable. He's pleased but mark says he hasn't told his buddies just yet. They probably give me a hard time and -- -- -- little -- so I think I'll just keep it under undermine. It'll leak and I'm sure and all have to answer some questions. I think it can benefit anybody everybody wants look. And that's true too. For Nightline I'm Andrea canning in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"More men are tweaking their appearance in hopes of looking younger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15326722","title":"'Bro-tox': More Men Get Botox","url":"/Nightline/video/bro-tox-men-botox-15326722"}