'Buck' Describes Abuse, Peace

New documentary about real-life horse whisperer Buck Brannaman tells his story.
0:56 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for 'Buck' Describes Abuse, Peace
If we're to believe all the pretty horses and countless other westerners. In order to use this animal. You must first break. Hollywood didn't invent the idea. -- domination known as bronco busting its older than the old west. But what if you didn't have to break the there are literally over what if you only had a starter COLT. And to a life of mutual respect. -- -- -- I love have to close my hands on the into this role. Instead of using leather and stressed to mold show animal will be sure -- what if you could get the same result with empathy and affection. You can call it horse whispering -- you -- -- and you can call magic. But -- general alerts. -- probably called buck Brennaman. You know so. Some people will refer to this style of -- and shippers. As natural horse which -- there isn't anything natural about it. As one of the most respected cowboys in America he was both inspiration and consultants Robert Redford on the set of the horse whisperer. As the star of the documentary -- he could soon find his boots on Oscar's red carpet. And -- spends most of the year teaching sold out clinics across the country. Bases -- and it matters to come away. We caught up with -- on his ranch just outside -- -- -- Wyoming. I thought I'd get a lesson in writing had no idea their -- them and instead. Got a lesson in life. Peace and comfort that's all they want. This species has spent tens of thousands of years as pray. These guys are wired to be scared right yeah yeah. And and that's sort of the first understanding. Could reach them they're keenly suspicious of things and that's how they survived for thousands of years. Is too. Do you recognize danger in being able to -- -- understands perpetual fear because he spent most of his childhood. Terrified of his own father. The in my brother -- 1112 years old. We talked about dying every day. When -- was six his dad decided Brennaman boys would be professional trick brokers and after enough rodeo shows they -- in their own cereal commercial. And even a shot on what's my line. The company -- was cool but if they weren't perfect. The beatings were relentless. And the abuse didn't stop until one day and -- she. When a benevolent coach other stripes on -- little back and called the share. Boys are taken away. And they're old man was livid. He actually send this birthday cards for the next two or three years. Telling us that when we turned eighteen he was gonna have a -- kills. But -- Foster parents provided safety. And laugh and let's -- wouldn't and they its autumn out of your real cowboy. And over the years you discover that a kinder gentler approach works just as well -- horses. As it did on him. The horse needs to respect but sometimes people confuse respect and fear. That they're not the same. And as a child reflects the parents a horse can often reflect the best and worst in its owner. He could -- de -- me or you or anybody else just in being spoiled. Don't want to be that way. Case in point this scary yellow -- owned by a woman with a history full of dangerous studs. And the scars to prove it. -- extremely dangerous and he attacks cars and after one session but makes amazing progress. But he's different. But the animal was brain damage at birth but fears it is too dangerous to ever train. -- -- This source tells me quite a bit about you but think maybe it might do something get yourself hurt you don't even see it come and if I -- common. You know have a moral obligation to say you're in big trouble here what did you learn how to enjoy your life. Yesterday. And I'm not it's not just. -- -- -- -- -- After the therapy session fears. For. -- -- Holmes is like a predator dashing the skull of a clinic sponsor. And sealing the decision to put this horse down. As -- leads this apparent monster to the trailer there is no anger toward the horse. -- disappointment in the human. You would have raised a horse like that. More with the idea of what she would have a -- are raising handicaps. You still have to teach right from wrong. And so infused with a newfound respect a sometimes writer -- himself atop a sweetheart named -- And for the first time in his life -- what it's like to ride a horse without fighting force. And that's just like a transaction -- -- to me I give back to Uga exactly and even if -- or you never it's Backus. But gospel or box still works. Gentle and what you do firm and -- you do. I was just getting here just so people get along better with their forces and gets around -- -- -- and it turned out to be so thing. Something from here. -- do we -- for Nightline. In shared in Wyoming --

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{"duration":"0:56","description":"New documentary about real-life horse whisperer Buck Brannaman tells his story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15426113","title":"'Buck' Describes Abuse, Peace","url":"/Nightline/video/buck-describes-abuse-finding-peace-15426113"}