Should Bullied Teens Be Getting Plastic Surgery?

A 14-year-old had corrective surgery on her nose, chin and ears because bullies taunted her looks.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Should Bullied Teens Be Getting Plastic Surgery?
well, back to school means new classes, a fresh new face. While it's type to find some high schooler who doesn't suffer from some form of body angst, one nonprofit paid for cosmetic surgery of a 14-year-old who was bullied over her looks. Abc's bianna finds out. Reporter: Nadia got a new face. At just 14 years old, nadia spent her summer vacation going under the knife. Getting a nose job, her chinned and ears pinned up. Are you going to do modeling? I'd like to. Reporter: It's a radical transformation for a girl who said she felt like dirt after years of relentless teasing. What did they say? They called me dumbo, elephant ears. Reporter: Nadia tried to keep the bullying from her mom linda. There were were actually points in school when I started crying and I'd try to hold it in as much as I could. Usually when I walked home from the bus stop, I usually started crying and cried myself to sleep, too. Reporter: How does that make you feel hearing that? I'm heartbroken over it. I didn't realize it was that bad. You know I love you. Reporter: You didn't want to burden your mom? No. Reporter: Having recently been laid off, nadia's mom was already coping with mounting medical billses for her son josh. Nadia's 9-year-old brother has cerebral palsy and will have to undergo surgery soon. For nadia, whatever issues she had felt superficial. She came convince the solution was plastic surgery. After years of nudging her mom agreed. In fact, the surgery is the most classic among teens with 11,000 performed over last year. Every child has to make their own decision over what they want to do. I let nadia make the decision. She's been begging me for a long time to get her ears pinned back so I just supported her. If nadia, let's say, was overweight and getting bullied at school for kids who were calling her fat. Would you agree to liposuction? Let's just say this, it's no different than somebody that requires braces. Reporter: Linda turned to the baby's face foundation that provides surgery around the world for children with facial categories. A category that dr. Romo said nadia falls into, even though with the nakedye it may not seem extreme. With the jaw, the ear, the nose, and the patient brings those complaints and then you have the overlay of the bullying, it makes it into the criteria of someone who could have surgery to correct that. Reporter: Nadia originally wanted her ears pinned back but dr. Romo also suggested the chin implant to balance her face and a nose job to fix a deviated septum. All of that provided free. She wasn't bullied because of that. She was picked for her surgery because of her deformity. Tell me what you see in the mirror. I see a new me. Reporter: While nadia's procedure may have helped her overcome the trauma, experts claim cases like her should be the exception, not the rule. Some of these awkward adolescents who feel they need some urgent fix actually evolve into the beautiful swan. Reporter: Nadia is thrilled with her new look. But she and her mother acknowledge it was an extreme measure to end her bullying. Do you worry at all for having been bullied for having gotten the surgery? Yeah, I have thought about it. But they're the ones who pressured me into getting the surgery done in the first place. When you surgically alter the victim of a bully, isn't it questionable that the message we're sending that the burden lies on the victim and not on a culture that is fueling some bullying trend that know is going on? Reporter: We caught up with nadia after her first day in ninth grade. Hair up, showing her ears off for the first time in years. She said she's more confident than ever. A lot of people said I was different. I was really beautiful. I'm excited about that. But despite the surgeries, nadia and her mom are under no illusions that nadia's problems have all been solved. Her mother plans to sign nadia up for counseling sessions to help overcome the years of hurt. For "nightline," I'm bianna gola

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{"id":17007425,"title":"Should Bullied Teens Be Getting Plastic Surgery?","duration":"3:00","description":"A 14-year-old had corrective surgery on her nose, chin and ears because bullies taunted her looks.","url":"/Nightline/video/bullied-teens-plastic-surgery-17007425","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}