Bullying Tragedy: Amanda Todd's Nightmare

Cyberstalked, shamed and blackmailed, she took her own life -- and the taunts continue.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bullying Tragedy: Amanda Todd's Nightmare
What kind of person bullies a vulnerable child online? Most parents with an internet connection realize how naive that question sound, in this age, and the relevant question is what kind of person ridicules a child's memory after she takes her own life? Tonight a family doing just that, after a three years of hell that began with their 12-year-old a web cam and one bad decision. He Reporter: This is 15-year-old amanda todd's desperate call for help. three years of torment, bullying and even she says, classmates beating her up. Three weeks after posting the video on youtube, she committed suicide. Since her death this video has viewed more than 17 million times. Why do you think it is that she snapped and felt the only way out was to take her life? She had so much going on, just had enough. Reporter: He death was a culmination of a three-year nightmare, twhaun started when she ventured on to a web cam site when she was 12 but the shocking thing, her death didn't end the bullying, as she tried to escape the torrent of online taunts. This weekend a candlelight vigil in her memory as friends struggle to make sense of all of hist. She was just so happy all of the time and when you first m her you wouldn't know she had any problems. I won't be able to take to her again. ♪ Sign♪ Reporter: Another earlier video amanda posted on her youtube page. ♪ You don't know what it's like ♪ Reporter: It shows a young girl singing, full of life, like her idol, pop star demi lovato, who last week came to amanda's hometown saying she, too, confronted bullying in school. I'm talking to you whoever that is out there, and I'm telling you that this is an issue we can beat, this is something that you gaent through. And this is something that will not bring you down. Reporter: And that last video post amanda, herself, tells her story. When she was 12, amanda went on a chat website, someone asked her to flash her breasts, she did. And the person on the other side snapped a photo. A photo that opened a door to blackmail. He told me if didn't put on a show he'd send that photo my friends, in the video, and that's what he did. On christmas police came to my door at 4:00 a.M. And said there is a facebook image of me sent around. That's when the story takes a darker turn. Instead of helping her, her classmates began a campaign of cyberbullying. She changed schools three times. She tried to drink bleach, she survived but over the summer she overdosed on drugs and this month she succeed in taking her life. You're not alone, those words stuck with me. Reporter: Austin was bullied and amanda helped him through hef wishes he could have done more to help her. I called at least three or more times, I was about to call, I looked on facebook and two of my friends posted "rest in peace amanda todd, you didn't deserve this." Reporter: As recently has did ugly messages, I don't really feel bad for amanda todd. I think she misunderstood when i suggested bleach to sort out her moustache. The real tragedy is that I can't find her piks anywhere and even this image of her. You thirsty? Clorox. Take the words off her video, haters are haters, please don't hate. It's a choice. It's a choice. Reporter: A cruel choice so many seem to feel free to make behind the mask of the internet. I guess it's just a power trip, I guess. I'm not a psychologist, but like, just over the years they feel insecure and they try to bring pain on others, vicariously, I don't know. Reporter: Amanda's case brought out another ugly side of the online universe. Some turned the hunt of her predator into a cyberwitch-hunt, someone from the hacker group anonymous released the name of a potential suspects. Police say it wasn't him. The search continues. Gather enough evidence to potentially identify an individual that may in some way have played a role in her ultimately making this terrible decision. Reporter: In life, amanda todd admired demi lovato's ability to overcome her bullying, planning to get the same tattoo says "stay strong." Now it's too lot, now it's online messages. The hate that was too much to bear. Coming up next, the big

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{"id":17549647,"title":"Bullying Tragedy: Amanda Todd's Nightmare","duration":"3:00","description":"Cyberstalked, shamed and blackmailed, she took her own life -- and the taunts continue.","url":"/Nightline/video/bullying-tragedy-amanda-todds-nightmare-17549647","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}