Cafeteria 'Boot Camp' Saves School Lunch

Cook For America teaches school districts how to provide meals made from scratch
4:45 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Cafeteria 'Boot Camp' Saves School Lunch
The flavor of cardboard the density of concretely color mud school lunches. -- long been lampooned as barely fit for eating but with studies time lunch programs to childhood obesity. The quality of the nations of the fair in the nation's cafeterias raises some very real health concerns now a group of top chefs. Is doing something about it here's ABC's juju Chang. -- -- -- -- -- My sanity that Angela. -- get benefits. The the ratings and current not former. New recruits people who work in school -- throughout home. Learning the long forgotten art of cooking from scratch starting with the basics like company -- Exist and that. And a -- days. Stock. Most school kitchens discs don't last long ago in favor of serving pre processed and prepackaged foods. It turns out kids who eat school lunch regularly or 30% more likely to be obese than kids who bring a -- lots. Doctors say school lunches are heavy on calories and light on nutrition. Because it's -- this. That's what's good for America. We have clear buildings and the foundation of professional culinary skills -- five days. It's the brainchild of chef Andrea Martin and his high and -- and chef Kate adamant he used to cook enforce our restaurant. When we start to do things like served as a healthy school breakfast. We've seen them being more attendance receive fewer behavioral. Issues. All of these things of that. It seems to me that. -- years. Lunch lady has gone from cooking and heating up. That well part of it was in the 1970s. This whole fascination with everything being convenient. Give yourself a break today and then a lot of processed foods came onto the market that made it convenient for people what we've discovered is there's a price for that convenience. -- hundred chickens. Were inactive -- that fast food type food at all hey guys how again today. After lunch. Jeremy west is a warrior in this cook for America increasingly after fruits and veggies. -- left career in the health care industry and he's seen first -- the long term cost of obesity related diseases. -- kids today. He's hoping to make a difference -- this generation and this is our central production kitchen right. We're gonna do meat sauce okay please -- I'm just open cans of now we -- -- meat -- excellent -- kitchen feeds 101000 students every day but avoids those dreaded processed foods. No mystery meat every meal prepared -- scrap the old fashioned way. Stories -- style health for the stress of Allentown or sneaky chef -- -- may have we're gonna need some garlic powder of course all the radar. -- -- Now he's back right. That's right. So now -- can be wrong and we need some vegetables -- As we made these changes it was more than just cooking from scratch we wanted to eliminate artificial preservatives we want to reduce or sodium. Hard to provide -- But we also -- -- -- can -- of possible so what we're doing for this meat sauce. Ekene celery and onions. I'm carrots and they're pure eight excellence kids don't know whether there excellent that they get all the benefits of those nutrients -- of vegetables dairy -- An -- raise our second. So this is -- -- Martina she's been -- -- 32 years. She's watched her kitchen go from real cooking to just heating up back to real. Going to boot camp which -- where did this last summer. Found out what. Chicken nuggets remain I think his -- to do it -- Ticket package that all of the byproducts -- the check -- later this and -- -- -- -- but it reminded me. Now it's all about turning fresh ingredients into energizing -- putting smiles to a lot of -- -- the -- -- -- Chicken. This is a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the path to a lifetime of good -- For Nightline I'm juju Chang in -- --

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{"id":15436161,"title":"Cafeteria 'Boot Camp' Saves School Lunch","duration":"4:45","description":"Cook For America teaches school districts how to provide meals made from scratch","url":"/Nightline/video/cafeteria-boot-camp-saves-school-lunch-15436161","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}