The Cake Test

A high-end New York baker competes with grocery store confections and boxed cake mix in a bake-off.
6:41 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for The Cake Test
right. With options ranging anywhere from millions of dollars, loaded with diamonds to, well, would you consider buying a cake from aisle nine of your supermarket? Will your guests be able to taste the difference? We decided to have an old fashioned bakeoff. First representing supermarket bakeries, safe way. Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you. I hear you guys are in the wedding cake business. We are. Wedding cakes at safe way average around $300. It looks like right here that you basically choose your core design. What's relatively new sthauk customize them. You have six designs, correct? The cakes are shipped, presliced sent to the store from one of their factories. I can do round or square. Filled with your flavor selection. I choose the flowers and decorated on site. Are the flowers edible? They're not. We asked them to bake us a cake for $335. On the high end baker to the star, ron ben israel. The clients call me a cake tist but I am a baker. Ron's cake start at around $1500 and can go as high as $16,000. How can this slice of cake be worth $20? I believe the price of the cake should compensate our hand labor and the baker who can accomplish your fantasies. We asked him to bake us one of his cakes for $2200. Our producer emily here, she's baking us a cake from two boxes of betty crocker mix and their icing. The cost? 12 including eggs which are expensive these days. Next, we assembled a panel of cake experts, a beef cake, a lady who jumps out of the cake, little miss cup cake and a competitive eater named tim. And those cake samples, it's no contest which one looks better but in the end which one will taste the best? First to the little miss cup cake pageant. Excuse me, ladies. I need the reigning champ. Who is is that? Me. She has no clue which cake she is trying. Tell me what you think about it. This one is awesome. It tastes like rainbows with a bunch of frosting. This one is pretty yummy but i don't really like the strawberry filling. This one looks pretty dry. Did you like it at all? No. I think I would choose -- before we find out which cake reigns supreme for miss cup cake -- happy birthday to you -- it's only the lady who jumps out of the cake, meet bunny love. Wait, wait, you look like a real cake expert. Will you please try these wedding cakes and tell us which one you look the best. Hold that thought, bunny. Over to eater x who appreciated that we actually asked him to taste the food this time around. A and b both have fruity flavors. Frosting good on b except for the sack rin taste. I'll meet more if you have it. Have another bite of cake. We're not quite finished yet. We still need to know what would a bunch of beef cakes think. Excuse me, boys. I need some cake experts. Are you guys up for the challenge? Absolutely. Okay. First time I've ever fed a chippendales dancer that's blind folded. Open. That was kind of hot. While john tries out all three samples, I'll take a minute to remember my handsome husband and lovely children. Butto but, okay, really, what we all want to know. Between ron's $2200 cake, safe way's $300 cake and our betty crocker cake, what say you cake experts? Miss cup cake, your verdict, please. I think I choose this one. 12. This one was the most expensive but I liked this one the most and it was the least expensive. Very good. Bunny, what did you love? Oh, my god! We were shocked. The cakes baked at home by our producer emily is two for two. Eater x? I most enjoyed cake c. They were all good but c is what I know about cak what i like about cake. Our beef cakes? No doubt, cake a. You liked cake a best? I was going to say it tastes homemade. Betty crocker, $12. Something about homemade stuff that pleases me, anything homemade. Brought a tear to my eye. The clear winner, nothing tall gentleman and the taste of home and the realization that our moms never actually baked a cake from scratch. Thanks mom. Remember emily the producer who we assigned to bake our homemade cake. When betty crocker heard about her win, they wanted to present her with their famous red spoon award.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"A high-end New York baker competes with grocery store confections and boxed cake mix in a bake-off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19633970","title":"The Cake Test ","url":"/Nightline/video/cake-test-19633970"}