GOP Wives on Campaign Trail

Nobody runs for president alone and spouses can play an important role.
3:00 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for GOP Wives on Campaign Trail
There is an Obama in the White House tonight enjoying a comfy 67%. Approval rating. And her name is Michelle. Even as president struggle most first ladies enjoy relative affection living above the political fray but what about the spouses. Of presidential hopefuls how much did they influence the votes. And a nomination race like this one -- tonight Michael anchor Terry Moran looks -- a couple woman. With their old allies on the -- and tonight sunspot. Nobody runs for president -- My wife of 42 years and -- and are delighted to be back. My husband -- -- and I are just so honored. It is after Graham didn't grueling endeavor running for president the men and women who do -- need their Life Partners to lean on to stand by them. To vouch for them with voters. The reason -- interest in and wives. Of important people but particularly accident. That's because it tells us something about -- -- ABC's Cokie Roberts is covered presidential politics for four decades high that person that woman. Is going to -- tremendous. Power. She has the year. Of the most powerful man in the country and she can't be fired. In this roller coaster of a Republican race for the nomination this thousands are taking on center -- There's Enron the more working -- yet if one knows what he's talking about she and Mitt Romney have been married 42 years happily by all accounts and more and more they want you to know that. In Romney's latest ad I think people understand that I'm a man steadiness and Constance. And an end run these account on the campaign trail of how her husband has helped her live with multiple sclerosis. And the depression came with. That's kind of got yet. He doesn't -- up he sticks -- you. You can trust him. The point is clear they -- aren't. Down course tonight a close and Aaron -- and I Callista Gingrich's Newt Gingrich -- third wife 23 years younger they fell in love while he was married to someone else. As you probably know my husband -- as a Republican candidate for president of the United States. Friends. Like to say there were great couple who had a non traditional start and there is no doubt. That she is his full partner as she showed in a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that we -- -- team and we spend a lot of time together. And if this was a joint decision. That he would run for the presidency and I'm glad we made that decision we -- believe deeply. At that that this country has a lot of challenges ahead of it and and we fear for the future of our country and we're gonna give it our best shot says she. Make him more friendly and warm and people like him. Better because he's with her or dead issue remind them that this is not his first wife and that. Their relationship started and then. Somewhat unsavory way make a lot of orders are gonna have problems with that. My view is that everybody has a right to know these things. That's because electing a president is a gut check decision for most -- -- a matter of trust and we know deep down. Nobody runs for president.

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{"id":15150890,"title":"GOP Wives on Campaign Trail","duration":"3:00","description":"Nobody runs for president alone and spouses can play an important role.","url":"/Nightline/video/candidates-wives-campaign-trail-15150890","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}