$136 Million Diamond Heist: How Did It Happen?

Police are on the hunt for whoever stole $136 million in diamonds from the Carlton Hotel.
5:10 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for $136 Million Diamond Heist: How Did It Happen?
It's impossible to know when the first man held the first diamond -- -- the sun and marveled at the shine but knowing human nature. It was probably just five minutes later when another man tried to steal it. And in the long history of jewelry thieves. Man it looks like we're living in a golden age. Because an international group of thieves known as the Pink Panther -- Has been making headlines lately men who can break into a jeweler or out of a prison with equal cinematic flair. So are they the ones behind a history -- -- this weekend. Here's ABC's -- side. The beautiful French Riviera it's picture perfect Mediterranean coastline fabled playground. Ultra rich and famous. -- their -- and Jen and on the wrecked car that if tan. But tonight -- his infamous for another reason. Three brazen jewel heists the latest Katz estimated at a whopping 136. Million dollars. Making it the largest French jewelry heist -- history. It happened at the glamorous 343. Room Intercontinental. Carlton Hotel room it scenes that life easy imitating arts. Much like the Alfred Hitchcock 1955. Romantic. Starring Carrie -- since the dashing people like cat burglar with a stunning Grace Kelly taking place just a few floors above where the actual crime mom full -- this weekend. The elegant Carlton Hotel. But this real life robbery was much less cinematic. Possibly one of -- Simpson schemes. A -- in his mid foresees wearing a hat and scarf around his neck enters the prominent hotel. Exact. But he was somehow able to walk into the closed exhibits as the diamonds were about to be -- -- their display cases. Flashing -- -- he grabbed the bag of diamonds than boldly escaped through the loss door all -- -- than the minutes. There's no doubt it was a shocking highs but what's even more shocking is more than twenty -- -- -- there's nobody swarming the hotel there's no -- -- eight. It's -- -- nothing ever happens. The Colton highs follows a recent prison break by members of the notorious pink -- third jewel thief again. Someone should have cooled inspector -- so it Pink Panther movie fame. Just three days before the heist two pink and other gang members were sprung from a Swiss prison. When accomplices from the -- round pick up down into -- gates while inmates were in the yard exercising. They set up -- over a barbed wire fence and -- -- prison guards -- gone far from their AK forty sevens. Again earned the nickname Pink Panther off deploring the plot line from the movies they want -- as diamond ring in a jar SA screen for -- retired you'll see. They leave -- trail of damage where ever they -- this is. A stunt man driving to stood an Audi a eight student lost the son of -- more willing to apply. To more than Dubai where the content sold more than. Ten million dollars worth of diamonds and 2007. Please web publicly ruled out whether that pink Panthers -- prime suspect in the Carlton heist. But it looks like almost anyone could -- pulled off this heist. The only people on hand protecting the jewels of the Carlton -- The exhibitions manager to employees and three other -- -- security guards. People -- coming going you could sit a lobby you can watch. A you can wait outside as if you waiting for someone come at a hotel so it's easy for -- to really case that kind of restore. Larry Olson was a professional thief who stole fifty million dollars in jewels he did twelve years in federal prison. And is now an author. I think they have to really scrutinized every single person. From the owners of the diamonds are right on down to his security detail and people -- that hotel there's just too many things that went to perfectly for it not to be set up. -- is no stranger to big time robberies this may soon have to look -- stars like Julianne Moore in Jennifer Lawrence. Had a million dollars worth in jewels snatched from the novatel hotel. Celebrities were walking down the red carpet for the premiere of Sofia Coppola's new controversial film pulled the -- -- Irony that any Hollywood could produce it's based on the true story at seven and they teens who burglarized homes of the rich and famous Stephen clothes jewels now watches. -- so -- -- -- party in Vegas my share. Texas. I wouldn't drop. But unlike the flaws of this -- where plot spoiler -- the wannabes and that burglars are convicted and sentenced. These streamlined jewel thieves are still on the days. For Nightline on Lama has sent in cash and in --

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{"id":19811574,"title":" $136 Million Diamond Heist: How Did It Happen?","duration":"5:10","description":"Police are on the hunt for whoever stole $136 million in diamonds from the Carlton Hotel.","url":"/Nightline/video/cannes-diamond-heist-happen-19811574","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}