Custom Celeb Scents

From Beyonce to Britney, many celebs have perfume lines, and you can too.
3:00 | 11/16/11

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Well follow your knows the saying goes and that's just what we humans tend to do build powerful associations with smells from our mother's perfume to a mile millionaires who are most loved. And loads foods. Well now some celebrities are betting that we may want to smell like that and that will be willing to pay for the pleasure. Looks like they're right here's ABC's Andrea -- EU it's from Beyonce. Can't be. -- -- US. Did Justin Bieber celebrity scents are saturating the fragrance market with once play. A promise -- now closer to your favorite star. Cody the world's leading seller of fragrances is cashing in on big -- of celebrities the perfume industry rakes in 25 billion dollars a year with 69 celebrity -- launching last year alone. Elizabeth Taylor first set the stage in 1991. With white diamonds and but -- John -- exploded a decade later with Jennifer Lopez's solo. When he launched blow when he shocked at the response we were shot the first year basically was triple -- forecasts. It became a 200 million dollar business in one year. -- -- This intrigue us. Halley -- just launched her third -- reveal. Do you think when someone is buying a celebrity perfume that they are getting -- pieces. That celebrity my fragrance is a part of me that I can tell you I've smelled -- you know. 500 different times with this little -- added that little note added we change it she says she spends months working on just the right ingredients to give her fragrances that personal touch. Her little flowers inspired her second fragrance -- -- report. I mean -- -- us and I want -- to tell me -- What's behind it this one is home from a very rare or kid and it's also has like fruity notes and it is very sensual. It's very light -- ever fury that. -- -- -- It's very brave men out there a lot of -- going. Your orchid was developed here is even on Frederick lab in New York City it's a top secret lab and it took a lot of begging to get -- What perfume can have federal -- people while wondering meaningful ethical icicle face -- be. This -- all mixed under the watchful eye and those of perfume is Rodrigo -- -- eggs. We went straight to the -- both woeful the rule we actually encountered a beautiful -- through a very very complex. Methodologies. We made people fact that the same for the rest of the -- Iraq isn't -- that captured the air and you capture the smell around the -- hits. A celebrity gets up to 10% of their -- sales. On top of up to five million just for the use of their name. -- Britney Spears that needs -- 38 million dollar a year pay day just from her perfume. But what's good for the masses isn't always special enough for celebrities. So some stars look to this man Christopher -- to make them a customized scents and is I hate perfume laps. My perfumes are really for the person who was wearing them so -- in that respect they are the opposite of perfect. Among his clients are some top secret celebrities. And for the right price you can have your very own one of a kind smell -- slippage really wonderful -- -- the freshmen. But don't expect to -- years smelling like a rose try a leather baseball glove. Carrot cake or gas. So clean baby but yet where did you come up yeah. Dublin is one of those happy accidents it's just what you've cleaned the kid and change the diapers and powdered him or her down then and it's it's the wrong -- And ferocious searches the world for unusual scents and says most clients seek smells that remind them of a personal or past experience. Definitely makes me hungry for dinner and thank you -- -- your memory and a bottle doesn't come cheap. -- cent will cost you know less than 2500. Dollars and I work with one of rare wood the costs over a 100000 and -- now. I had perfume does it -- by series my first stop of course this -- is one of my favorite sniper. -- cake it's funny people say when they smell. Some of the -- I think in the pink roses and everything it's a well. Lord knows what experience they're having because this is my birthday cake it's always an Angel food. Then there's a food series and who is going to Wear. Roast beef -- skins series wet sheet yes it does it take someone back to that farm in -- Yeah Palin and his newest -- -- smells like well a better version of you do. It's called where we are there is -- here -- the idea behind that is to have. Almost no smaller exactly how does that work it's not so much -- -- smokers say as it is it's really lovely olfactory or. Or how we -- her products placed -- is as important as it smells. What do you -- those ladies who we are just a little too much for a few I have a big pet peeve about where to put it so I tell people don't put it. Around your neck or around to face and that way you don't leave -- on other people. Put it on the back of your arms were put it in your mid section in our. In the inner thighs but not around -- and it's I'm obsessed with moments of hope for centuries. Activision would Dan lab it's my turn to get in on the fragrance game with you might preferred notes -- the submitting Andrea. -- -- It's a process that normally takes months even years. That's beautiful. I've -- some -- did you for Nightline in olfactory overload I mean Andrea canning in New York one of the prior estimate.

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{"id":14969598,"title":"Custom Celeb Scents","duration":"3:00","description":"From Beyonce to Britney, many celebs have perfume lines, and you can too.","url":"/Nightline/video/celebrities-cash-custom-scents-14969598","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}