Celebrity Babies Born Famous

Blue Ivy Carter, Suri Cruise and more were stars since before they were born.
16:05 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Celebrity Babies Born Famous
Well in today's celebrity culture when mom and dad are bold faced names and baby may end up on a magazine cover before that first birthday candles lit here's ABC's nick watt with a meditation. On America's tiniest stars. Tonight -- Stars are born -- debut. Born if you get saying that his big names with bombs have become -- -- -- go. -- -- -- -- They won she's bored and hospital room tricked out like hotel suite DMZ is. All over the pictures -- five she's the youngest person ever to hit the billboard chart yodeling. With doting daddy on glory featuring the BIC. That's been. Talked. A seven strain of wheat is named after her eighth and then they're saying -- will never beat the same again so much. It's just a horrible Agile little he or exceed the -- circulates allegedly penned behind -- pop maestro. Before I got into the game made a change and got rich. I didn't think hard about using the word pitch -- -- my accent sense ridiculous but and soldiering. -- with -- -- in this world -- the news that give. Turns out that poems but when they be young students home for first in treatment and -- -- -- Someday soon she'll have her own fate globe like Suri Cruise -- trip tomcat it's called sue -- -- -- Actually written by grown cold -- She -- -- -- as a sophisticated. Ford is definitely the age when one starts appreciating sushi and night -- soon sat adults like me will. Leaf through -- magazines comparing her wardrobe with apple violet. Monroe and the Moroccan. And pretty soon that'll be embarrassed by their aging gyrating moms like. The teenaged -- of Madonna. And baby BIC still hasn't even been photographed in public. So much it's exciting for the -- head of a nickel for not analysts in the.

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{"id":15400727,"title":"Celebrity Babies Born Famous","duration":"16:05","description":"Blue Ivy Carter, Suri Cruise and more were stars since before they were born.","url":"/Nightline/video/celebrity-babies-born-famous-15400727","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}